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Meet the new horned dinosaur with blade-like horns and an asymmetrical frill

Cosmos Magazine - Fri 21 Jun 24

A predecessor of Triceratops horridus with a fancy set of headwear has been discovered just south of the US-Canada border in the Badlands of Montana. Lokiceratops rangiformis is described ...

Never-before-seen dinosaur’s unique headgear earns it a godly name

New Atlas - Fri 21 Jun 24

Paleontologists uncovered the dinosaur’s fragmented skull in 2019 in northern Montana, two miles (3.2 km) south of the US-Canada border. It wasn’t until they started piecing the skull together ...

New Horned Dinosaur Species Used Horn Frills to Drive Diversity and Evolution

Discover Magazine - Thu 20 Jun 24

Discovery of Lokiceratops rangiformis, a 11,000 pound dinosaur, is helping rewrite the story of dinosaur evolution.

Triceratops relative had the weirdest horns ever seen on a dinosaur

Newscientist - Thu 20 Jun 24

A new species of dinosaur discovered in Montana and related to Triceratops had one of the strangest, most asymmetrical skulls that scientists have ever studied

(Extremely weird) four-horned dinosaur discovered

Science Focus - Thu 20 Jun 24

A new dinosaur has joined the ranks of the weirdest dinosaurs that ever existed, with beautiful – if somewhat dangerous – headgear to rival catwalk creations. Named Lokiceratops rangiformis, ...

This strange dinosaur with blade-like horns roamed ancient Montana

Science - Thu 20 Jun 24

Newly-described Lokiceratops rangiformis boasted an ornate frill unlike that of any other horned dinosaur—but some scientists doubt that it is a novel species

Lokiceratops, a Horned Dinosaur, May Be a New Species

New York Times - Thu 20 Jun 24

Researchers analyzed a skull found in Montana of a plant-eating member of the ceratops family, finding distinct traits.

The ornate horns of ancient marvel Lokiceratops point to evolutionary insights - Thu 20 Jun 24

What do you get when you cross Norse mythology with a 78-million-year-old ancestor to the Triceratops? Answer: Lokiceratops rangiformis, a plant-eating dinosaur with a very fancy set of horns.

New Dino Discovered in Zimbabwe Reveals Early Evolution of Sauropods

Discover Magazine - Tue 18 Jun 24

Learn why Musankwa was likely among the last of the bipedal sauropodomorphs.

Dinosaur With Giant, Loki-Like Horns Has the 'Craziest, Coolest' Headgear—and Could Be a New Species

Smithsonian Magazine - Thu 20 Jun 24

The discovery sheds light on the evolution of a surprisingly diverse group of horned dinosaurs in the western United States

Meet Lokiceratops: The Dinosaur with the Wildest Horns Ever Discovered, Named After the Trickster Norse God

ZME Science - Thu 20 Jun 24

The new ceratopsian species had asymmetrical and scimitar-shaped horns.

Flamboyant dinosaur with elaborate orange horns hailed as a 'sexy beast' by researchers is discovered in the ancient swamps of Montana

Daily Mail - Thu 20 Jun 24

This enormous relative of the triceratops roamed the swamps of Northern Montana 78 million years ago and grew brightly coloured blade-like horns, leading to it being dubbed a 'sexy beast'.

Newly Found Dinosaur Lokiceratops Had Insane Horns Unlike Any Other

ScienceAlert - Thu 20 Jun 24

Our new favorite!

Newfound dinosaur with giant, horned headpiece named after iconic Norse god

Livescience - Thu 20 Jun 24

A newly identified dinosaur with large, ornate horns on its massive head shield has been named after a famous Norse god who sported a similar headpiece in recent ...

Scientists reveal new species of horned dinosaur that roamed northern U.S.

UPI - Thu 20 Jun 24

American scientists have unveiled a new species of horned dinosaur which at 11,000 lbs and 22 feet long is the largest centrosaurine ever found in North America and roamed the swamps of what ...

Loki's horned dinosaur wielded a pair of giant blades

Newswise - Mon 24 Jun 24

The Natural History Museum of Utah announced Lokiceratops rangiformis, the largest and most ornate horned dino ever found. Its distinctive horn pattern inspired its name, "Loki's horned face ...

New, giant horned dinosaur discovered in the ancient swamps of Montana

Scienmag - Sun 23 Jun 24

A remarkable, new species of horned, plant-eating dinosaur is being unveiled at the Natural History Museum of Utah. The dinosaur, excavated from the badlands of northern Montana just a few miles ...

New, giant horned dinosaur discovered in the ancient swamps of Montana, Eurekalert - Thu 20 Jun 24

Newly discovered dinosaur boasts big, blade-like horns

ScienceDaily - Thu 20 Jun 24

A new dinosaur has been identified and named. The dinosaur's name, Lokiceratops rangiformis, translates roughly to 'Loki's horned face that looks like a caribou.'

Newly discovered dinosaur boasts big, blade-like horns, Eurekalert - Thu 20 Jun 24

New Species of Horned Dinosaur Had Unusual, Curving Blade-Like Horns on Back of Its Frill

Sci.News - Thu 20 Jun 24

Paleontologists have identified a new genus and species of centrosaurine dinosaur from the fossilized remains found in the Judith River Formation in the Kennedy Coulee region, Montana, the ...

Giant Horned Lokiceratops: Remarkable New Dinosaur Unearthed in the Ancient Swamps of Montana

SciTechDaily - Thu 20 Jun 24

Newly discovered Lokiceratops rangiformis is among the largest and most ornate horned dinosaur ever found, with two huge blade-like horns on the back of its...

New dinosaur 'Lokiceratops rangiformis' - Author Interview

Eurekalert - Thu 20 Jun 24

Interview with Authors Dr. Mark Loewen, University of Utah and Dr. Joseph Sertich Colorado State University Read the full article "Lokiceratops rangiformis gen. et sp. nov. (Ceratopsidae: Centrosaurinae) ...