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Sensor Could Help Detect Gravity Waves in Orbit

IEEE Spectrum - Mon 1 Jul 24

This article is part of our exclusive IEEE Journal Watch series in partnership with IEEE Xplore.The first direct detection of gravitational waves was a major scientific feat, but now researchers ...

Study determines stellar mass and origin of a protostellar system - Thu 27 Jun 24

Using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA), astronomers have conducted molecular line observations of a protostellar system known as VLA 1623. Results of the observational ...

Five new ways to catch gravitational waves — and the secrets they’ll reveal

Nature News - Thu 27 Jun 24

Nature, Published online: 27 June 2024; doi:10.1038/d41586-024-02003-6Observatories, experiments and techniques are being developed to spot ripples in space-time at frequencies ...

Study reveals twisted origin of dead stars' mysterious 'heartbeats' - Wed 26 Jun 24

Stars blinking code in Netflix's "3 Body Problem" might be science fiction, but by deciphering neutron stars' erratic flickers, a new study has revealed the twisted origin of these dead stars' ...

'Dark Matter' Ending Explained: How Changing the Book Sets Up Season 2

Inverse - Wed 26 Jun 24

— Apple TV+After several different universes and a plethora of alternate versions of Jason Dessen, Dark Matter has reached its Season 1 finale with the explosive episode, “Entanglement.” ...

Supermassive black hole appears to grow like a baby star - Thu 20 Jun 24

Supermassive black holes pose unanswered questions for astronomers around the world, not the least of which is "How do they grow so big?" Now, an international team of astronomers, including ...

Supermassive black hole appears to grow like a baby star, Eurekalert - Thu 20 Jun 24

Astronomers witness ‘sudden awakening’ of massive black hole in far-away galaxy

The Independent - Tue 18 Jun 24

Astronomers believe they may have witnessed a massive black hole wake up and become active in a far-away galaxy.

Astronomers witness ‘sudden awakening’ of massive black hole in far-away galaxy, The Independent - Tue 18 Jun 24

Astronomers witness ravenous black hole lighting up the center of a galaxy

Science - Tue 18 Jun 24

Phenomenon may give clues to how galaxies evolve and black holes grow

Astronomers see a massive black hole awaken in real time - Tue 18 Jun 24

In late 2019, the previously unremarkable galaxy SDSS1335+0728 suddenly started shining brighter than ever before. To understand why, astronomers have used data from several space and ground-based ...

Astronomers see a massive black hole awaken in real time, ScienceDaily - Tue 18 Jun 24
Astronomers see a massive black hole awaken in real time, Scienmag - Tue 18 Jun 24

Mystery of dead stars' glitching 'heartbeats' could have a twisted solution - Wed 3 Jul 24

The 'heartbeats' of rapidly spinning neutron stars are usually highly regular, but occasionally, the spin of these dead star pulsars 'glitches.' Now, a 'twisted' ...

Physics Says Interdimensional Travel Like in 'Dark Matter' Could Work

CNET Cutting Edge - Wed 26 Jun 24

Apple TV Plus subscribers can stream Dark Matter now.

Can AI Save Schrödinger’s Cat?

Scientific American - Tue 25 Jun 24

Outcomes in quantum mechanics depend on observations. But must the observer be human?

A black hole 1 million times our Sun awakened — and astronomers caught the whole thing in real time

Salon - Fri 21 Jun 24

Scientists observing a galaxy noticed a surge in brightness indicating a black hole began feasting on gas

Astronomers witness real-time awakening of a massive black hole

ZME Science - Thu 20 Jun 24

Massive black holes are usually dormant and invisible. However, SDSS1335+0728 decided to wake up.

Supermassive black hole roars to life before astronomers' eyes in world-1st observations

Livescience - Thu 20 Jun 24

Astronomers may be watching a supermassive black hole "waking up" from a long slumber for the first time ever. The researchers think the black hole may have gotten ...

A massive black hole may be 'waking up' in a nearby galaxy - Wed 19 Jun 24

Astronomers have, for the first time, spotted a black hole in a nearby galaxy waking up from a deep slumber. ...

A Monster Black Hole 1M Times Bigger Than The Sun Just Woke Up And It’s Hungry

HotHardware - Wed 19 Jun 24

Astronomers using data from several space and ground-based observatories have theorized that a once dim galaxy has brightened over time because of a massive black hole at its core waking up. ...

Astronomers Watch as Supermassive Black Hole Wakes Up

Extremetech - Wed 19 Jun 24

The galaxy SDSS1335+0728 began brightening in 2019, and the process hasn't stopped.

Astronomers Witness Monster Black Hole Awaken And Begin Feeding Frenzy

ScienceAlert - Wed 19 Jun 24

They were stunned.

Massive black hole suddenly AWAKENS: Terrifying images reveal the moment a void springs to life - and the same thing could happen at the centre of our own galaxy, scientists warn

Daily Mail - Tue 18 Jun 24

Scientists have captured the moment a terrifying supermassive black hole 'awakens' in a distant galaxy, and warn that the same thing could happen in the Milky Way

Supermassive black hole roars to life as astronomers watch in real time

Ars Technica - Tue 18 Jun 24

Artist’s animation of the black hole at the center of SDSS1335+0728 awakening in real time—a first for astronomers. In December 2019, astronomers were surprised to observe a long-quiet ...

UR: Blue stars that should not exist

Astrobites - Wed 3 Jul 24

The Undergraduate Research series is where we feature the research that you’re doing. If you are an undergraduate that took part in an REU or similar astro research project and would like ...

Neutrinos and Natal Kicks in the Inert Black Hole Binary VFTS 243

Astrobites - Sat 29 Jun 24

Title: Constraints on neutrino natal kicks from black-hole binary VFTS 243Authors: Alejandro Vigna-Gómez, Reinhold Willcox, Irene Tamborra, Ilya Mandel, Mathieu Renzo, Tom Wagg, Hans-Thomas ...

‘It’s going to be awesome’: How the Vera C. Rubin Observatory will survey space and time - Tue 25 Jun 24

When the Vera C. Rubin Observatory comes online, perhaps at full bore in 2025, this powerful and unique survey telescope, at high altitude in Chile, will survey the heavens in a new and unprecedented ...

ESO observes massive black hole ‘awaken’ in real time - Mon 24 Jun 24

Steady data from a galaxy observed since 2019 started to show tell-tale changes in brightness.

Mysterious Cloverleaf ‘odd radio circle’ could be a merger of a dozen galaxies - Thu 20 Jun 24

In 2020 when astronomers using the Australian Square Kilometer Array Pathfinder (ASKAP) discovered ghostly circles of radio emissions in the sky that were so gigantic, they surpassed our Milky ...

A distant black hole is born, and astronomers watch it happen - Thu 20 Jun 24

At the center of an average joe galaxy 300 million light-years away, something has just happened that has astronomers at the edge of their seats. Suddenly, a supermassive black hole inhabiting ...

Quick-Cooling Oddballs Rewrite Neutron Star Physics

SciTechDaily - Wed 3 Jul 24

Recent observations by ESA’s XMM-Newton and NASA’s Chandra have revealed three unusually cold, young neutron stars, challenging current models by showing they cool much faster...

When Stars Collide: Unveiling the Universe’s Hidden Particles

SciTechDaily - Sat 29 Jun 24

New simulations show that neutrinos created during these cataclysmic neutron star collisions are briefly out of thermodynamic equilibrium with the cold cores of the merging...

NASA’s Planet Hunter’s Rare Glimpse at Two Black Holes in a Faraway Galaxy

SciTechDaily - Sun 23 Jun 24

NASA’s TESS satellite helped confirm the theory of two black holes in galaxy OJ 287 in 2021, enhancing our knowledge of black holes and their...

Unraveling the Mystery: How Supermassive Black Holes Grow so Massive

SciTechDaily - Sat 22 Jun 24

Researchers combined X-ray surveys and supercomputer simulations to track 12 billion years of cosmic black-hole growth. Their findings reveal that black hole growth is primarily...

Dense, swirling winds help supermassive black holes grow

Eurekalert - Thu 20 Jun 24

Supermassive black hole weigh as much as millions or billions of stars. How they grow to these sizes is a long-standing mystery for astrophysicists. By studying nearby galaxy ESO320-G030, a ...

Galaxy's Brightness Spike Hints at Black Hole Activity

AZoQuantum - Wed 19 Jun 24

Astronomers from the European Southern Observatory have tracked changes in the galaxy's brightness using data from a number of space and ground-based observatories, such as the Very Large Telescope ...

Black hole observed 'awakening' for the first time

SpaceDaily - Wed 19 Jun 24

Paris (AFP) June 18, 2024 Astronomers have been able to observe a supermassive black hole waking up and setting the heart of its host galaxy alight for the first time, the European Southern ...

Astronomers Witness Awakening of Supermassive Black Hole

Sci.News - Tue 18 Jun 24

In December 2019, SDSS 1335+0728 -- a little-known galaxy located 300 million light-years away in the constellation of Virgo -- suddenly started shining brighter than ever before. The post ...

Real-Time Revelation: Witnessing a Massive Black Hole’s Dramatic Awakening

SciTechDaily - Tue 18 Jun 24

Astronomers believe the 2019 brightening of galaxy SDSS1335+0728 may be the first real-time observation of a massive black hole awakening. The galaxy’s persistent increase in...