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Elephants Give Each Other Unique Names. It Gets Weirder

Inverse - Sat 15 Jun 24

— KvdB50/E+/Getty ImagesWhat’s in a name? People use unique names to address each other, but we’re one of only a handful of animal species known to do that, including bottlenose dolphins. ...

African elephants shown to address one another with name-like calls, similar to humans - Wed 12 Jun 24

What's in a name? People use unique names to address each other, but we're one of only a handful of animal species known to do that, including bottlenose dolphins. Finding more animals with ...

Elephants call each other by unique names, new study shows

The Independent - Wed 12 Jun 24

New research shows African elephants call each other and respond to individual names, something few wild animals do

Elephants talk to family and friends using individual ‘names’

New Atlas - Tue 11 Jun 24

Humans are fairly unique as a species because we refer to one another by name. This process, using vocal labels to identify another individual, is learned; people aren’t born knowing the personal ...

Rare elephant twins born in dramatic birth in Thailand - Tue 11 Jun 24

An elephant in Thailand has delivered a rare set of twins in a dramatic birth that left a caregiver injured after he tried to rescue one of the newborns.

Rare Elephant Twins Born In Dramatic Birth In Thailand, International Business Times - Tue 11 Jun 24

Do elephants call each other by name, just like humans?

ABC Science - Mon 10 Jun 24

Wild elephants may be able to communicate with other members of their group by using sounds akin to names, a new study suggests.

Elephants Have Names for Each Other, and Maybe Their Own Language

Discover Magazine - Mon 10 Jun 24

Elephants use specific sounds to identify each other and respond to recordings of their names.

Like people, elephants call each other by name

The Economist - Mon 10 Jun 24

And anthropoexceptionalism takes another tumble

Elephants seem to invent names for each other

Newscientist - Mon 10 Jun 24

An analysis of their vocalisations suggests that African savannah elephants invent names for each other, making them the only animals other than humans thought to do so

Do elephants have names for each other?

Nature News - Mon 10 Jun 24

Nature, Published online: 10 June 2024; doi:10.1038/d41586-024-00797-zMachine learning and careful observation suggest that some of the animals’ calls are specific to individuals, ...

Every Elephant Has Its Own Name, Study Suggests

New York Times - Mon 10 Jun 24

An analysis of elephant calls using an artificial intelligence tool suggests that the animals may use and respond to individualized rumbles.

Hello: elephants talk to each other using name-like calls!

Cosmos Magazine - Mon 10 Jun 24

Wild African savannah elephants (Loxodonta africana) might address each other like humans – using personal “names” according to a new study in Nature Ecology & Evolution. Researchers ...

Elephants have names for each other like people do, new study shows - Mon 10 Jun 24

Colorado State University scientists have called elephants by their names, and the elephants called back. Wild African elephants address each other with name-like calls, a rare ability among ...

Elephants have names for each other like people do, new study shows, ScienceDaily - Mon 10 Jun 24
Elephants have names for each other like people do, new study shows, Scienmag - Mon 10 Jun 24

Softbank is developing an AI for phone calls that will make you sound less angry if you yell at customer service

Techspot - Thu 13 Jun 24

Japanese investment giant SoftBank is developing an AI that aims to alter a caller's voice if they begin shouting at customer service or call center employees. The company plans to release the ...

African Elephants May Call Each Other by Name

Smithsonian Magazine - Wed 12 Jun 24

In a new study, a computer model was able to identify the recipient of an elephant's call more than a quarter of the time, which scientists say is significantly greater than chance

Elephants may refer to each other by name

Ars Technica - Tue 11 Jun 24

Enlarge (credit: Buena Vista Images) Lots of animals communicate with each other, from tiny mice to enormous whales. But none of those forms of communication share all but ...

Elephants call each other by name, just like people

ZME Science - Tue 11 Jun 24

Elephants use unique, name-like calls to identify each other, demonstrating advanced cognitive abilities and social complexity akin to human communication.

Wild Elephants Invent Names For One Another in Surprise Sign of Abstract Thinking

ScienceAlert - Mon 10 Jun 24

Who are you calling Dumbo?

Elephants Call Their Relatives by Name across the Savanna

Scientific American - Mon 10 Jun 24

Female elephants address one another with individualized rumbles

Scientists observe ANOTHER human-like behavior among elephants

Daily Mail - Mon 10 Jun 24

Elephants react to their names just like humans, new research shows. Recorded elephant calls found they responded to calls intended for them, showing they're capable of abstract thinking.

First nonhuman species found to use name-like sounds for each other, study says

CBSNews - Mon 17 Jun 24

Videos show how African elephants may be the first nonhuman species to use vocal name-like identifiers for each other, suggesting "the capacity for some degree of symbolic thought," researchers ...

Death of Umi sparks concern over electric threat to Sumatran elephants - Wed 12 Jun 24

TEBO, Indonesia — Electrified fences set up around farms are an emerging threat to the critically endangered Sumatran elephant, conservationists told Mongabay Indonesia following a series ...

Elephants Call Each Other By Name, Study Finds

International Business Times - Mon 10 Jun 24

Elephants call out to each other using individual names that they invent for their fellow pachyderms, a study said on Monday.

Tiny New Zealand bird delivers a lesson in birdsong evolution

Scienmag - Fri 14 Jun 24

  Credit: Photo by Ines G. Moran     Parrots, songbirds, and hummingbirds can learn to make new sounds. No-one knew, but New Zealand’s smallest bird, the rifleman or titipounamu, ...

Tiny New Zealand bird delivers a lesson in birdsong evolution, Eurekalert - Fri 14 Jun 24

Study: African Elephants Address Each Other With Name-Like Calls

Sci.News - Tue 11 Jun 24

Scientists used machine learning to confirm that calls of African savannah elephants (Loxodonta africana) contained a name-like component identifying the intended recipient. The post Study: ...

Study shows elephants might call each other by name

The Hindu - Tue 11 Jun 24

Could it be that elephants address each other by the equivalent of a name? A new study involving wild African savannah elephants in Kenya lends support to this idea

How Meerkats Communicate: Decoding the Sounds of Survival

SciTechDaily - Fri 7 Jun 24

Meerkats use two distinct types of vocal interactions to maintain communication with their group mates. Sometimes their calls simply convey information, while other times, meerkats...