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Stone age wall found in Baltic Sea may be ‘Europe’s oldest megastructure’

The Independent - Tue 20 Feb 24

The structure was probably used by hunters stalking reindeers, German researchers said

Stone Age 'megastructure' under Baltic Sea sheds light on strategy used by Paleolithic hunters over 10,000 years ago - Sun 18 Feb 24

Archaeologists have identified what may be Europe's oldest human-made megastructure, submerged 21 meters below the Baltic Sea in the Bay of Mecklenburg, Germany. This structure—which has been ...

Archaeologists Discovered a Massive Ancient 'Megastructure' Submerged Beneath the Sea

Vice - Wed 14 Feb 24

Archeologists have discovered an 11,000-year old wall lurking beneath the waves of the Baltic Sea that is thought to be the oldest known human structure in the area to date.  Described ...

Stone Age wall found in Baltic Sea is Europe's oldest megastructure

Interesting Engineering - Tue 13 Feb 24

In ...

Traces of Stone Age hunter-gatherers discovered in the Baltic Sea - Mon 12 Feb 24

In autumn 2021, geologists discovered an unusual row of stones, almost 1 km long, at the bottom of Mecklenburg Bight. The site is located around 10 kilometers off Rerik at a 21-meter water depth. ...

Traces of Stone Age hunter-gatherers discovered in the Baltic Sea, idw-online - Mon 12 Feb 24

Submerged wall could be the largest Stone Age megastructure in Europe

Newscientist - Mon 12 Feb 24

A stone wall nearly a kilometre long found under the Baltic Sea may have been built by ancient hunters to channel deer into a confined space

Europe's Oldest Human-Made 'Megastructure' Discovered under Baltic Sea

Scientific American - Tue 20 Feb 24

Archaeologists have discovered what may be Europe’s oldest human-made megastructure, submerged below the Baltic Sea and dubbed the Blinkerwall

Scientists found a Stone Age megastructure submerged in the Baltic Sea

Ars Technica - Tue 13 Feb 24

Enlarge / Graphical reconstruction of a Stone Age wall as it may been used: as a hunting structure in a glacial landscape. (credit: Michał Grabowski) In 2021, Jacob Geersen, ...

Stone Age Wall Discovered Beneath the Baltic Sea Helped Early Hunters Trap Reindeer

Smithsonian Magazine - Tue 13 Feb 24

Made up of some 1,600 stones, the submerged “Blinkerwall” might be Europe's oldest known megastructure

Europe’s oldest human-made megastructure may be at the bottom of the Baltic Sea

Popular Science - Tue 13 Feb 24

A 3D model of a section of the Blinkerwall next to a large boulder at the western end of the wall. Philipp Hoy/University of Rostock A stone wall underneath the Baltic Sea ...

Mysterious Ancient Megastructure Discovered Lurking Beneath The Baltic Sea

ScienceAlert - Mon 12 Feb 24

It seems to have been deliberately constructed?

11,000-year-old submerged stone wall discovered off Germany was once used to trap reindeer

Livescience - Mon 12 Feb 24

The wall may be among the oldest hunting structures on Earth and one of the largest Stone Age structures ever found in Europe. ...

Stone Age Hunting Megastructure Discovered in Baltic Sea

Sci.News - Wed 14 Feb 24

A team of archaeologists from Germany has discovered a submerged Stone Age megastructure in the Western Baltic Sea at a water depth of about 21 m. The post Stone Age Hunting Megastructure Discovered ...