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Tyrannosaurus Teeth Were Hidden Behind Lizard-Like Lips

Discover Magazine - Mon 3 Apr 23

As it turns out, the theropod’s terrible snarl wasn’t as toothy as paleontologists previously thought.

Those protruding T Rex teeth? They were covered by lips: study - Sun 2 Apr 23

Sorry, "Jurassic Park" and toymakers everywhere.

Sorry, but the T. rex doesn't look anything like you think it does

New Atlas - Fri 31 Mar 23

With a revelation that threatens to ruin some childhood toys or a Jurassic Park rewatch, paleontologists have given one of the most famous dinosaurs a facelift, proposing that the Tyrannosauras ...

T. rex’s terrifying teeth would have been hidden behind scaly lips

Newscientist - Thu 30 Mar 23

Just about every popular depiction of predatory dinosaurs is wrong, because their teeth were probably mostly obscured from view rather than being bared ready to strike

Facelift for T. rex: analysis suggests teeth were covered by thin lips

Nature News - Thu 30 Mar 23

Nature, Published online: 30 March 2023; doi:10.1038/d41586-023-00928-yCrocodiles and Komodo dragons provide evidence to support the idea of a scaly cover over the teeth of ...

T. rex may have had lips like a modern lizard’s

ScienceNews - Thu 30 Mar 23

In movies and TV shows, Tyrannosaurus rex often sports a fleet of big, sharp teeth that are almost always on display. But the dinosaurs and their kin may have kept their pearly whites mostly ...

T. rex had lips, new study suggests

Science - Thu 30 Mar 23

Famed dino and its kin may not have looked as scary as their popular conception, though some experts are skeptical

T-rex had lips like a lizard rather than a crocodile's toothy grin, study shows

ABC Science - Thu 30 Mar 23

Instead of the terrifying toothy tyrant in Jurassic World, T-rex had a gob that looked more like a goanna or Komodo dragon, a new study reveals.

Predatory dinosaurs such as T. rex sported lizard-like lips, suggests study - Thu 30 Mar 23

A new study suggests that predatory dinosaurs, such as Tyrannosaurus rex, did not have permanently exposed teeth as depicted in films such as Jurassic Park, but instead had scaly, lizard-like ...

T rex’s ‘ferocious’ fangs were hidden by lizard-like lips, say scientists

The Independent - Thu 30 Mar 23

Researchers found that theropod dinosaurs have been wrongly portrayed in films such as Jurassic Park as having exposed teeth.

What a Tyrannosaurus Rex Skull Tells Us About Its Intelligence

Discover Magazine - Wed 29 Mar 23

A recent study suggests that the Tyrannosaurus rex may have ruled the Late Cretaceous Period with brawn and brains. Paleoneurologists share what a T. rex skull can tell us about its brain and ...

T. Rex Had Lips That Concealed Its Teeth, Study Says

Smithsonian Magazine - Fri 31 Mar 23

Paleontologists say popular, toothy depictions of the dinosaur may have missed the mark

New Study Suggests T. Rex Actually Had Scaly Lips

HuffPost - Fri 31 Mar 23

The Tyrannosaurus rex is often shown baring massive, sharp teeth, but new research suggests that this classic image might be wrong.

Predatory dinosaurs such as T. rex sported lizard-like lips

HeritageDaily - Thu 30 Mar 23

According to a recent study, the portrayal of predatory dinosaurs like the Tyrannosaurus rex in movies such as Jurassic Park, with permanently exposed teeth, may not be accurate. Instead, it ...

Predatory dinosaurs such as T. rex sported lizard-like lips, ScienceDaily - Sat 1 Apr 23
Predatory dinosaurs such as T. rex sported lizard-like lips, Scienmag - Thu 30 Mar 23
Predatory dinosaurs such as T. rex sported lizard-like lips, Eurekalert - Thu 30 Mar 23

Scaly lips may have hidden the T-rex’s fearsome teeth

Popular Science - Thu 30 Mar 23

A juvenile Edmontosaurus disappears into the enormous, lipped mouth of Tyrannosaurus. Mark Witton Real predatory dinosaurs like the infamous Tyrannosaurus rex may have looked ...

T.Rex did NOT have permanently exposed teeth - and instead had scaly, lizard-like LIPS, study finds

Daily Mail - Thu 30 Mar 23

Scientists from the University of Portsmouth have discovered the dinosaurs would have had scaly, lizard-like lips covering and sealing their mouths.

T. rex had thin lips and a gummy smile, controversial study suggests

Livescience - Thu 30 Mar 23

Paleontologists have suggested that thin, lizard-like lips concealed the gigantic teeth of T. rex and other predatory dinosaurs, but not all experts are convinced. ...

T-rex Had Lips

NeuroLogica - Fri 31 Mar 23

One of the challenges of paleontology is that we are trying to infer and entire animal just from the hard parts that fossilize, mostly bones and teeth (and sometimes just teeth). But if we look ...

T. rex's ferocious image may have just taken a hit

CBSNews - Fri 31 Mar 23

The classic image of Tyrannosaurus rex flashing giant teeth might be wrong. New research suggests they were likely covered by scaly lips.

Jurassic Makeover: Revealing the True Faces of Predatory Dinosaurs Like T. rex

SciTechDaily - Sat 1 Apr 23

A recent study challenges the depiction of predatory dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus rex with exposed teeth, suggesting they had scaly, lizard-like lips instead. By examining tooth...

Lips of Theropod Dinosaurs Covered Their Teeth: Study

Sci.News - Fri 31 Mar 23

Non-avian theropod dinosaurs, including Tyrannosaurus rex, had lips that covered their teeth, leaving them looking more like modern Komodo dragons than crocodiles. The post Lips of Theropod ...

New study finds T. rex and kin had lips, challenges popular image of toothy monster

The Hindu - Fri 31 Mar 23

“What we are in many ways striving for here is for dinosaurs to be seen for what they were - animals - and not purely as movie monsters,” said palaeontologists

Deadly Teeth of T. rex Were Hidden Behind Scaly Lips, Shattering Prehistoric Perceptions

SciTechDaily - Thu 30 Mar 23

A new study challenges the long-held belief that large theropod dinosaurs, including Tyrannosaurus rex, had exposed teeth when their mouths were closed. Instead, the research...

*Free* Theropod dinosaur teeth were hidden behind thin “lips”

Eurekalert - Thu 30 Mar 23

Contrary to more than a century of scientific and popular depictions, the large teeth of Tyrannosaurus rex and other toothy theropod dinosaurs were likely completely covered by thin, scaly “lips” ...