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Daily briefing: Stressed plants make noises

Nature News - Mon 3 Apr 23

Nature, Published online: 31 March 2023; doi:10.1038/d41586-023-00966-6Thirsty or injured plantes make ultrasonic clicks. Plus, a biodegradable glass made from proteins, and ...

Researchers eavesdrop on plants and find they make popping sounds under pressure

Cosmos Magazine - Fri 31 Mar 23

Plants make a popping sound – a bit like bubble wrap – when they are stressed. Even though the volume is comparable to people speaking, humans can’t hear plant noises because of their ...

Gene-editing has created a generation of musical crops

The Economist - Fri 31 Mar 23

Walking in the countryside will never be the same again

Listen in as stressed plants pop off about their discomfort

New Atlas - Fri 31 Mar 23

If a plant is stressed but no one hears it, does it still make a sound? While that's not quite the way the saying goes, researchers have discovered that the answer to the question is a resounding ...

Research suggests your thirsty plants could be silently screaming at you

ABC Science - Thu 30 Mar 23

Research suggests plants can tell you exactly when they need watering and generate popping sounds in response to stress. These sounds are outside human earshot but are loud enough ...

Plants create 'pop' records in the studio when dehydrated or stems torn

Interesting Engineering - Thu 30 Mar 23

What ...

Stressed plants ‘cry’ — and some animals can probably hear them

Nature News - Thu 30 Mar 23

Nature, Published online: 30 March 2023; doi:10.1038/d41586-023-00890-9Microphones capture ultrasonic crackles from plants that are water-deprived or injured.

Plants Make Sounds When Hurt, Scientists Confirm, And Now You Can Hear It

Vice - Thu 30 Mar 23

Your tomato plant may be crying out for you to water it, but although other animals and plants might hear it, your human ears are deaf to the sound of its laments. That’s the finding ...

Plants make popping noises when stressed – scientists

The Independent - Thu 30 Mar 23

Human ears cannot hear them, but other plants or animals might.

Stressed plants make ultrasonic clicking noises

ScienceNews - Thu 30 Mar 23

Listen carefully, and a plant may tell you it’s thirsty. Dry tomato and tobacco plants emit distinct ultrasonic clicks, scientists report March 30 in Cell. The noises sound something ...

Stressed plants emit airborne sounds that can be detected from more than a meter away - Thu 30 Mar 23

What does a stressed plant sound like? A bit like bubble-wrap being popped. Researchers in Israel report in the journal Cell on March 30 that tomato and tobacco plants that are stressed—from ...

Stressed plants emit airborne sounds that can be detected from over a meter away, Scienmag - Thu 30 Mar 23

Shout it from the rooftops: the noise pollution in towns and cities is killing us | Coco Khan

The Guardian - Mon 10 Apr 23

The din of Britain’s conurbations affects poorer people disproportionately, blighting lives in cheaply built homesTwo years ago, my most lovingly overbearing and melodramatic auntie came to ...

These Lizards Stress-Eat When Loud Military Aircraft Fly Overhead

Smithsonian Magazine - Fri 7 Apr 23

Colorado checkered whiptails on a U.S. Army base show increased stress levels and altered behavior after noisy jets and helicopters pass by, a study finds

Which Is the Best for Sleeping: Pink, Brown or White Noise? - CNET

CNET Cutting Edge - Fri 7 Apr 23

Many people need a comforting and consistent sound to doze off at night. Here's which one you should use.

Plants Make Noises When Stressed, Study Finds

Smithsonian Magazine - Tue 4 Apr 23

Scientists detected high-frequency sounds emitted by plants that had been cut or dehydrated

Stressed Plants Produce Sounds as Loud as Normal Human Conversation

Extremetech - Mon 3 Apr 23

Credit: Davor Denkovski/Unsplash Your garden might not be as silent as you think. A new study shows that plants ...

This is what a plant sounds like when it’s stressed

The Verge - Fri 31 Mar 23

A gardener facing water shortages checks his tomato plants in southern France in August 2022. | Image: PASCAL GUYOT/AFP via Getty Images New research challenges ...

Stressed Plants 'Cry'--and Some Animals Can Probably Hear Them

Scientific American - Fri 31 Mar 23

Microphones capture ultrasonic crackles from plants that are water-deprived or injured

The REAL magical plants of Harry Potter! MailOnline's guide to herbology in the Muggle world 

Daily Mail - Fri 31 Mar 23

Here, MailOnline presents a lesson in herbology, taking a look at the Muggle plants which may have inspired the magical.

Houseplant of the week: living stones

The Guardian - Fri 31 Mar 23

Also known as lithops, this low-maintenance plant will bring a touch of the exotic to your homeWhy will I love it? Lithops, also known as living stones or stone plants, are succulents that have ...

Plants As Living Systems For Harvesting Electricity

Forbes - Fri 31 Mar 23

Leaves fluttering in the wind are a common sight. Now imagine if that motion could be harnessed to power a device.

Plants Yell When They’re Stressed Out

Gizmodo - Thu 30 Mar 23

Researchers in Israel have found that tomato and tobacco plants that are dealing with stress factors make a popping sound that can be detected over 3 feet away, a reaction that seems tantamount ...

Stressed plants are very noisy, but you never listen

ZME Science - Thu 30 Mar 23

Plants also talk, and they talk a lot under stress, but we are not sure who listens to the different sounds they emit.

Dying plants are ‘screaming’ at you

Popular Science - Thu 30 Mar 23

Under that prickly exterior, even a cactus has feelings. Deposit Photos While plants can’t chat like people, they don’t just sit in restful silence. Under certain conditions—such ...

Listen to the Noises Plants Make When They’re Stressed Out

The Daily Beast - Thu 30 Mar 23

Ohad Lewin-EpsteinWhen a plant is having a rough time, it cries out in pain. I don’t mean that metaphorically—it’s a documented phenomenon. Biologists at Tel-Aviv University have previously ...

Plants emit ultrasonic sounds in rapid bursts when stressed, scientists say

The Guardian - Thu 30 Mar 23

Thirsty or damaged plants produce up to 50 staccato pops in an hour, which nearby creatures may respond to, researchers findThere comes a time in a plant’s life when the head sags, the leaves ...

Look away now, vegans! Scientists find plants produce ALARM SOUNDS after being cut

Daily Mail - Thu 30 Mar 23

Plants appear to produce alarm sounds after being cut, with these noises found to come from tomato and tobacco plants, as well as corn and grapevines, according to Tel Aviv University.

Stressed plants 'scream,' and it sounds like popping bubble wrap

Livescience - Thu 30 Mar 23

A study of tomato and tobacco plants suggests they emit ultrasonic popping sounds when dehydrated or physically damaged. ...

Tips for Giving Effective Training in High-Noise Environments —

Newslanes - Fri 7 Apr 23

Tips for Giving Effective Training in High-Noise Environments What tools or applications can employers invest in to increase communication? By Rick Davies Apr 07, 2023 Working in a high-noise ...

Plants Make Sounds During Stress

Science 2.0 - Fri 31 Mar 23

Scholars at Tel Aviv University have recorded and analyzed click-like sounds distinctly emitted by plants. The sounds are similar to the popping of popcorn and emitted at a volume similar to ...

Plants Make Sounda During Stress, Science 2.0 - Fri 31 Mar 23

Plants unleash ultrasonic cries for help when stressed, study finds

CBSNews - Fri 31 Mar 23

And if you listen closely, the type of sound the plant is making could tell you what's wrong.

Watch: Plants make plenty of noise that no human can hear, Israeli study shows

UPI - Thu 30 Mar 23

Plants are talking, but people didn't know because the frequency is too high for he human ear, according to researchers at Tel Aviv University, who managed to record and analyze the sounds ...

Why It Matters | Plants emit ultrasonic sounds when distressed

The Hindu - Mon 3 Apr 23

Researchers have found that plants emit ultrasonic sounds when distressed.

Hidden Plant SOS: Scientists Record Ultrasonic Distress Calls From Stressed Flora

SciTechDaily - Sun 2 Apr 23

The sounds emitted by plants are ultrasonic, beyond the hearing range of the human ear. Plant sounds are informative: mostly emitted when the plant is...

Scientists analyze sounds emitted by plants

ScienceDaily - Fri 31 Mar 23

Researchers have recorded and analyzed sounds distinctly emitted by plants. The click-like sounds, similar to the popping of popcorn, are emitted at a volume similar to human speech, but at ...

Plants Emit Ultrasonic Sounds When Stressed, Groundbreaking Study Shows

Sci.News - Fri 31 Mar 23

In the research, biologists at Tel Aviv University recorded ultrasonic sounds emitted by tomato and tobacco plants inside an acoustic chamber, and in a greenhouse, while monitoring the plant’s ...

Global breakthrough: Plants emit sounds!

Newswise - Thu 30 Mar 23

Global breakthrough: for the first time in the world, researchers at Tel Aviv University recorded and analyzed sounds distinctly emitted by plants. The click-like sounds, similar to the popping ...

Global breakthrough: Plants emit sounds!, Scienmag - Thu 30 Mar 23
Global breakthrough: Plants emit sounds!, Eurekalert - Thu 30 Mar 23