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A Penguin-Like Shape May Have Helped This Dinosaur Dive

New York Times - Mon 5 Dec 22

The duck-size animal’s body was streamlined for pursuing prey underwater, researchers say. Other paleontologists say more work is needed to confirm the finding.

What would the world look like if big dinosaurs survived the asteroid strike?

Inverse - Sun 4 Dec 22

Sixty-six million years ago, an asteroid hit the Earth with the force of 10 billion atomic bombs and changed the course of evolution. The skies darkened, and plants stopped photosynthesizing. ...

What if the Dinosaurs Hadn’t Gone Extinct? Why Our World Might Look Very Different, SingularityHub - Thu 8 Dec 22

New toothy diving dinosaur discovered - Sun 4 Dec 22

A new species of non-avian dinosaur with a streamlined body similar to those of modern diving birds, such as penguins and auks, is described in a study published in Communications Biology. The ...

Dive into prehistory and meet a newly discovered semi-aquatic dinosaur with a streamlined body and many teeth

Cosmos Magazine - Fri 2 Dec 22

A new dinosaur species has been discovered unlike any dinosaur found to date. This dino’s streamlined body was built for diving, scientists say. The dinosaur’s body was similar in ...

Mongolian fossil is first known species of streamlined non-avian theropod dinosaur to walk on two legs - Fri 2 Dec 22

A team of researchers from Seoul National University, the University of Alberta and the Mongolian Academy of Sciences has identified the first known example of a streamlined, non-avian theropod ...

First ever duck-like dinosaur with streamlined body discovered

The Independent - Fri 2 Dec 22

Research suggests dinosaur had long neck similar to modern water birds like geese

An amphibious dinosaur from the Cretaceous

The Economist - Thu 1 Dec 22

It looked like a cormorant but was not a bird

Newly discovered dinosaur has a streamlined body like a diving bird

Newscientist - Thu 1 Dec 22

An analysis of a fossil has revealed a new species of dinosaur named Natovenator polydontus. It was semi-aqautic, looked a bit like a duck and ate meat

This dinosaur may have had a body like a duck’s

ScienceNews - Thu 1 Dec 22

A dinosaur unearthed in Mongolia is making a splash among paleontologists, as its sleek physique adds potential evidence to the idea that some dinos were suited for life in the water.   Natovenator ...

This dinosaur dove like a duck

Popular Science - Mon 5 Dec 22

Natovenator is a cousin of the famous Velociraptor. Lee, S., Lee, YN., Currie, P.J. et al. It might be time for the megalodon to move over and make room for a new ancient ...

Predatory penguin-like dinosaur lived in Mongolia 70 million years ago 

Daily Mail - Fri 2 Dec 22

The dinosaur's emains were uncovered in Omnogovi Province in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia in 2008 and examined by researchers from Seoul National University in South Korea.

Newly Discovered Dinosaur Looks Like a Nightmare Goose

Gizmodo - Fri 2 Dec 22

Paleontologists discovered a 71-million-year-old carnivorous dinosaur in Southern Mongolia that they believe had a body built for swimming and diving for prey. Though it looks a lot like a modern ...

Noodle-necked swimming dinosaur may have been a diving predator like a penguin

Livescience - Thu 1 Dec 22

Scientists recently discovered the first non-avian theropod dinosaur with a streamlined body similar to that of penguins, auks and other modern diving birds. ...

Cretaceous Bird-Like Dinosaur Had Adaptations for Swimming and Diving

Sci.News - Fri 2 Dec 22

A new genus and species of theropod dinosaur with a streamlined body as in diving birds has been identified from a well-preserved skeleton found in Mongolia. The post Cretaceous Bird-Like Dinosaur ...