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We welcome suggestions on new sources that are currently not included in 'a bit of Science'. If you find a Web site that might be interesting to a 'science-minded' audience, please send it to us. There are just a few simple steps you need to know about in order to submit a news source to 'a bit of Science'. In order to include website as a news source for 'a bit of Science' it must fit several requirements:

  1. The source must be in the English language;
  2. The source needs to provide a valid RSS or XML RDF news feeds. You can validate a news feed here.
  3. Each feed entry must contain a non-empty <title>, <description> and <link> fields (currently we also recognize feedburner and pheedo namespaces);
  4. Every link to the article must be unique and be permanent;
  5. Articles must be hosted on the same domain as your main site;
  6. Web pages with news content must not be password protected;
  7. We don't accept articles embedded in JavaScript or Flash;
  8. Your server must include a valid Content-Encoding entity-header.
Please use this form to submit a news source.