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This Spacecraft Will Detect if Exoplanet Skies are Cloudy, Hazy or Clear

Discover Magazine - Tue 12 Nov 19

NASA is adding an instrument to the European Space Agency's ARIEL spacecraft.(Credit: ESA/STFC RAL Space/UCL/Europlanet-Science Office) NASA announced last week that it will contribute to ...

This spacecraft will detect if exoplanet skies are cloudy, hazy, or clear, - Tue 12 Nov 19

Near-Earth asteroid pairs offer clues to composition, dynamics and environmental conditions of early solar system - Mon 11 Nov 19

Near Earth Objects (NEOs) are small solar system bodies whose orbits sometimes bring them close to the Earth, making them potential collision threats. NEOs also offer clues to the composition, ...

NASA instrument to probe planet clouds on European mission - Fri 8 Nov 19

NASA will contribute an instrument to a European space mission that will explore the atmospheres of hundreds of planets orbiting stars beyond our Sun, or exoplanets, for the first time.

NASA Instrument to Probe Planet Clouds on European Mission, Astrobiology Magazine - Fri 8 Nov 19
NASA instrument to probe planet clouds on European mission, SpaceDaily - Sun 10 Nov 19

Dusty star-forming galaxy MAMBO-9 investigated in detail - Wed 6 Nov 19

Using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA), an international team of astronomers has conducted detailed observations of the dusty star-forming galaxy MMJ100026.36+021527.9, ...

NASA's CASE instrument to probe planet clouds on European mission - Wed 13 Nov 19

Scheduled for launch in 2028, CASE will be sensitive to NIR, to complement ARIEL's other IR spectrometer.

Daniel Gruen awarded 2019 Panofsky Fellowship at SLAC

Eurekalert - Fri 8 Nov 19

(DOE/SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory) Daniel Gruen, who studies how massive objects bend light from distant galaxies, has been named a 2019 Panofsky Fellow at the Department of Energy's ...

Department of Energy awards Fermilab funding for next-generation dark matter research

Newswise - Wed 6 Nov 19

The U.S. Department of Energy announced that it has awarded scientists at its Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory funding to boost research on dark matter, the mysterious substance that makes ...