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Researchers claim data from Planck space observatory suggests universe is a sphere - Tue 5 Nov 19

A trio of researchers with the University of Manchester, Università di Roma 'La Sapienza' and Sorbonne Universities has sparked a major debate among cosmologists by claiming that data from ...

Cosmological crisis: We don't know if the universe is round or flat

Newscientist - Mon 4 Nov 19

An analysis of data from the Planck space observatory suggests the universe is spherical, which would be a major headache for cosmologists

The Universe May Be Round—and That Would Be Bad News for Physicists

Gizmodo - Wed 6 Nov 19

Scientists analyzing data from a defunct satellite say we should all consider that our universe might be round, rather than flat. The consequences, they explain in a new paper, could be crisis-inducing.Read ...

The Universe Might Be a Giant Loop - Tue 5 Nov 19

Is the universe flat? Maybe not.

The Universe Might Be a Giant Loop, Livescience - Mon 4 Nov 19

New evidence suggests the universe is curved and not flat like previously believed  

Daily Mail - Mon 4 Nov 19

A new study could change everything we know about the universe. Data from the cosmic microwave background suggests gravity bends its microwaves hinting towards a curved universe.

Our universe may be a giant loop, new study claims

FOXNews - Mon 4 Nov 19

The universe may actually be curved, like a giant inflated balloon, a new study claims.