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The first artificial material that follows sunlight may upgrade solar panels

ScienceNews - Tue 5 Nov 19

Rows of tiny stemlike rods called SunBOTs orient themselves toward light, optimizing the solar energy that they can harvest.

An artificial sunflower that bends toward the sun - Tue 5 Nov 19

A team of researchers from the University of California and Arizona State University has found a way to create a material that demonstrates tropistic behavior. In their paper published in the ...

Tiny artificial sunflowers could be used to harvest solar energy

Newscientist - Mon 4 Nov 19

Solar panels could be made from rows of artificial sunflowers, each less than 1 millimetre wide, which automatically bend towards light

Light-loving polymer acts like a sunflower

Cosmos Magazine - Mon 4 Nov 19

New smart material could be a game-changer for solar energy.

Sunflower-like material follows beam of light

ZME Science - Mon 4 Nov 19

It could be employed to raise the efficiency of solar harvesting devices.