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UPS gets government approval to become a drone airline

TechXplore - Tue 1 Oct 19

UPS says it has won government approval to run a drone airline, a first for a U.S. company, and it plans to expand deliveries on hospital campuses and eventually other industries.

UPS receives government approval for drone delivery - beating out Amazon and Alphabet

Daily Mail - Wed 2 Oct 19

The race to launch the first full drone delivery service is heating up as UPS becomes first company to earn full FAA approval for its drone delivery program. Plans expansion to college and corporate ...

UPS Earns Full FAA Approval For ‘Drone Airline’ - Wed 2 Oct 19

UPS Flight Forward attains FAA's full approval for drone airline (via UPS) UPS has received government approval to operate a drone airline. The shipping ...

UPS has gained FAA approval to operate a 'drone airline'

Techspot - Wed 2 Oct 19

This permission was granted under the FAA's Part 135 Standard certification, which allows the UPS to operate a "drone airline." UPS says it is the first company to receive this full certification, ...

UPS Gains FAA Approval For Drone Deliveries

Ubergizmo - Tue 1 Oct 19

As a delivery company, UPS has certainly done a lot in terms of trying to improve on its operations with hi-tech solutions. In fact, more recently, it seems that you might be able to expect ...

UPS broke into drone deliveries shuttling medical samples. Now it's ready to take off

CNN - Tue 1 Oct 19

UPS is one step closer to making drone deliveries nationwide.

UPS Gets FAA Approval to Run America's First Drone Delivery Airline

Gizmodo - Tue 1 Oct 19

The Federal Aviation Administration has given UPS approval to run a drone fleet, enabling the company to create a UAV delivery airline. Read more...

UPS just won FAA approval to fly as many delivery drones as it wants

The Verge - Tue 1 Oct 19

Image: UPS UPS announced that it has received government approval to operate a “drone airline.” Don’t expect your next package to arrive directly on your doorstep by a drone, ...

UPS lands broad FAA approval for drone deliveries - CNET

CNET Cutting Edge - Tue 1 Oct 19

The race is on for Amazon, Uber and Google drones.

UPS delivery drones are on the way after FAA certification

Engadget - Tue 1 Oct 19

UPS might soon be dropping off packages across the US by drone. The Federal Aviation Administration granted the UPS Flight Forward subsidiary air carrier and operator certification, ...

UPS gets FAA approval to operate an entire drone delivery airline

TechCrunch - Tue 1 Oct 19

UPS announced today that it is the first to receive the official nod from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to operate a full “drone airline,” which will allow it to expand ...

Big drone on campus: UPS gets U.S. government okay for drone airline

Reuters Technology - Tue 1 Oct 19

United Parcel Service Inc on Tuesday said it won the U.S. government's first full approval to operate a drone airline, which gave it a lead in the nascent U.S. drone delivery business over ...

Your UPS package is here. Just ignore that giant drone

Fastcompany Tech - Tue 1 Oct 19

It’s the first certification of its kind awarded so far. UPS has clearance from the Federal Aviation Administration to begin operating a “drone airline,” the company announced ...

UPS Gets Green Light From FAA To Use Drones For Delivering Medical Supplies Outside Of Urban Areas

Kaiser Health News - Wed 2 Oct 19

Amazon and Uber are vying for similar approvals to transport food and goods. “It just gives us a lot of capabilities,” David Abney, the chairman and chief executive of UPS, told the Wall ...