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Image of the Day: Ancient Footprints

The Scientist - Tue 10 Sep 19

A discovery of Neanderthal footprints reveals insights into the hominin's social structure.

Following Neanderthals' footsteps to learn how they lived - Tue 10 Sep 19

Like modern humans and primates, Neanderthals—our closest evolutionary cousins—are thought to have lived in groups, but their size and composition have been difficult to infer from archeological ...

The pitter-patter of tiny Neanderthal feet from 80,000 years ago

ABC Science - Mon 9 Sep 19

Hundreds of footprints, left on a sand dune in France by Neanderthal children 80,000 years ago, reveal a snapshot of Stone Age family life. ...

Ancient footprints show Neanderthals may have been taller than thought

Newscientist - Mon 9 Sep 19

The biggest collection of Neanderthal footprints yet discovered offers a window on their social structure, and shows that their group was filled with children

Trove of Neanderthal Footprints Provide an Unprecedented Glimpse Into Prehistoric Life

Gizmodo - Tue 10 Sep 19

Scientists in France have discovered hundreds of fossilized footprints belonging to a single group of Neanderthals. At 80,000 years old, the prints chronicle a single, precious moment in the ...

Neanderthal footprint discovery sheds new light on social groups

Daily Mail - Mon 9 Sep 19

Palaeoanthropologists led from the Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle in Paris analysed 257 fossilised Neanderthal footprints from the an archaeological site in La Rozel, in Normandy, France.