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DARPA's $10 million voting machine couldn't be hacked at Defcon (for the wrong reasons) - CNET

CNET Cutting Edge - Sun 11 Aug 19

The voting machine was supposed to be available for hackers to find security flaws. An unexpected bug stopped the experiment from starting until Defcon's day.

2020 and the black-box ballot box

TechCrunch - Sun 11 Aug 19

One of the scarier notions in the world today is the prospect of American voting machines being compromised at scale: voters thrown off rolls, votes disregarded, vote tallies edited, entire ...

Hackers Take on Darpa's $10 Million Voting Machine

Wired Security - Fri 9 Aug 19

At this year's Defcon hacking conference, Darpa brought the beginnings of what it hopes will be impervious hardware.