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The US Navy says no to touchscreens—maybe automakers should too

Arstechnica - Mon 12 Aug 19

Overly complex touchscreen systems were blamed in recent NTSB report.

U.S. Navy Throws Touch Screens Overboard For Over-Complicating Warship Interfaces

HotHardware - Mon 12 Aug 19

The U.S. Navy has come to a conclusion that many drivers of modern vehicles would agree with; adding touchscreen interfaces for controls can often makes things more complicated. The U.S. Navy ...

The US Navy is replacing touchscreen controls with mechanical versions on its destroyers

Techspot - Mon 12 Aug 19

In August 2017, the USS John S. McCain crashed into the Alnic MC, a Liberian oil tanker, off the coast of Singapore. According to the National Transportation Safety Board’s accident report ...

US Navy to ditch touch screen ship controls

BBC Technology - Mon 12 Aug 19

Familiar wheels and throttle controls will replace "overly complex" touch screens, says US Navy.

US Navy to revert back to old-fashioned mechanical throttles after touchscreen issues

Daily Mail - Mon 12 Aug 19

The US Navy plans to install mechanical throttles in their guided missile destroyers after touchscreen controls were met with overwhelming criticism from the fleet.

U.S. Navy Swaps Touchscreens For Dials After Fatal Crash - Mon 12 Aug 19

Integrated Bridge and Navigation System (IBNS) helm controls on USS Dewey (DDG-105) (via U.S. Navy) The U.S. Navy is ditching warship touchscreens, reverting ...

Following An Accident, US Navy Will Ditch Touchscreen Controllers For Physical Ones

Ubergizmo - Mon 12 Aug 19

Image credit – US NavyIn all the science fiction TV shows and movies we see, it all seems to depict a future in which everything we seem to interact with is either made using a touchscreen ...

US Navy will scrap touchscreen controls on its destroyers

Engadget - Sun 11 Aug 19

The US military normally embraces technology whenever possible. This time, however, it's taking a conspicuous step back. The Navy will ditch touchscreens on destroyers within ...

Report on 2017 Destroyer Crash Prompts Navy to Ditch Touchscreen Controls for Mechanical Ones

Gizmodo - Sun 11 Aug 19

The U.S. Navy announced plans to revert its destroyers’ throttle and helm controls from touchscreens back to mechanical systems starting in 2020, USNI News reported this week, after the release ...

Navy ditches touchscreens for knobs and dials after fatal crash

TechCrunch - Sun 11 Aug 19

A collision at sea that claimed the lives of 10 sailors has led to the Navy deciding to replace an unpopular touchscreen interface in some ships with more traditional mechanical controls. "Just ...

The US Navy will replace the touchscreen controls with mechanical ones on its destroyers

The Verge - Sun 11 Aug 19

Gas Turbine System Technician (Electrical) Fireman Matt R. Richardson, left, receives training at the helm aboard the guided-missile destroyer USS Truxtun (DDG 103). | Image: U.S. ...