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Amazon is investigating whether Foxconn has been using children illegally to make Alexa speakers

Techspot - Sat 10 Aug 19

Foxconn has a long history of controversies over the way it exploits people in its factories, and the general working conditions they provide to those that assemble consumer electronics for ...

Teen Students Forced to Work Overtime Building Amazon Echo Devices In China

Gizmodo - Fri 9 Aug 19

In July, a 17-year-old high school student in China was sticking protective film over 3,000 Amazon Echo dots a day at the Foxconn factory in Hengyang. She was working ten hours a day and six ...

Amazon Alexa devices made by Chinese teens 'working through night' - reports

BBC Technology - Fri 9 Aug 19

Chinese students are being paid low wages and pressured into illegal work hours, activists say.

Amazon is investigating alleged child labor law violations at a Foxconn facility that makes Echoes and Kindles

CNN - Fri 9 Aug 19

A new report from China Labor Watch accuses Foxconn of worker abuse, poor pay and imposing long hours on employees who make popular Amazon devices. Amazon said in response that it has opened ...

Amazon is investigating reports that teenagers in China were forced to work overtime building Echo speakers

The Verge - Fri 9 Aug 19

Photo by Dan Seifert / The Verge Amazon says that it’s investigating reports that its hardware supplier Foxconn, which produces Amazon Echo and Kindle hardware for the company, ...

Schoolchildren in China work overnight to produce Amazon Alexa devices - Fri 9 Aug 19

Leaked documents show children as young as 16 recruited by Amazon supplier Foxconn work gruelling and illegal hoursHundreds of schoolchildren have been drafted in to make Amazon’s Alexa devices ...

Amazon investigating whether your Alexa was made with child labor

Fastcompany Tech - Fri 9 Aug 19

Alexa, find out who made you? Hey Alexa, were you made by Chinese schoolchildren?Read Full Story