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Viewpoint: Supermassive Black Hole May Constrain Superlight Dark Matter

APS Physics - Wed 10 Jul 19

Author(s): Eric ArmengaudAn interpretation of the black hole image taken by the Event Horizon Telescope hints of new constraints on the mass of dark matter.[Physics 12, 78] Published Wed Jul ...

More legroom, less conversation for Uber riders who pay - Tue 9 Jul 19

Uber is letting passengers tell their driver in advance that they'd like a little less conversation, and more legroom, if they're willing to pay.

Powering the extreme jets of active galaxies - Tue 9 Jul 19

An active galaxy nucleus (AGN) contains a supermassive black hole that is vigorously accreting material. It typically ejects jets of particles that move at close to the speed of light, radiating ...

A galaxy in bloom

Cosmos Magazine - Mon 8 Jul 19

Hydrogen gas makes NGC 972 shine bright.

Uber’s New Rideshare Tier Is the Height of Comfort - Wed 10 Jul 19

(via Uber) Uber has introduced a cozy category that promises maximum well-being during your ride. Situated between the high-class Uber Black and the more ...

You can now request more legroom and less conversation in Uber rides

USA today - Wed 10 Jul 19

Here's one way to avoid an Uber driver that's too chatty.       

Ride in 'Comfort' with Uber's newest service tier

Techspot - Tue 9 Jul 19

Uber on Tuesday launched a new category of ride type that serves as an upgrade to the standard UberX.

Uber expands 'no talking' rides and launches helicopter service

CNN - Tue 9 Jul 19

Uber is turning down the volume — and looking to the sky — in its latest round of new services.

Uber Comfort Offers Extra Amenities Without Uber Black Rates

Ubergizmo - Tue 9 Jul 19

Uber Black is the ride-hailing service’s expensive tier. You’re essentially getting a black car-like experience with the tier as compared to Uber X which is the entry-level tier. ...

X-Rays and lensing tricks help researchers spot black hole spin

ZME Science - Tue 9 Jul 19

Gravitational lensing enabled a team of researchers to measure the spin of five black holes — and one was spinning as fast as is theoretically possible. It’s pretty hard to learn ...

If you’ll pay more, new Uber Comfort offers Quiet Rides

TechCrunch - Tue 9 Jul 19

You can get access to Uber’s controversial Quiet Ride button that lets you ask your driver for silence if you’ll pay a 20% to 40% premium atop the UberX price. Today the Uber Comfort ...

Uber adds 'Comfort' tier for extra legroom and silent drivers

Engadget - Tue 9 Jul 19

Uber is adding a new ride option that aims to make your journey a more personal and relaxed affair. Uber Comfort is an upgrade on the everyday ride, and ensures you have extra legroom ...

Uber Comfort lets you request extra legroom and crank up the AC before pickup

The Verge - Tue 9 Jul 19

Uber is rolling out a new way to request extra legroom, quiet cars, and other amenities that are typically associated with its higher-priced Uber Black service. Dubbed Uber Comfort, ...