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Giant dinosaurs may have tiptoed around like they were wearing high heels

Gizmag - Mon 20 May 19

Sauropods – the giant, long-necked dinosaurs like Brachiosaurus – were the largest land animals to ever walk the Earth. As you'd expect, that would put immense strain on the creatures' ...

This early sauropod went from walking on four legs to two as it grew

ScienceNews - Mon 20 May 19

A new computer analysis shows how Mussaurus patagonicus’s weight shifted toward its hips as it grew, confirming fossil hints of how its gait changed.

Bedbugs Predated T. rex and Triceratops, New Family Tree Shows

The Scientist - Fri 17 May 19

The finding overturns the idea that the insect’s first victims were bats and reveals that certain species started targeting humans as a side snack, not as a main meal.

Bloodthirsty bedbugs have feasted on prey for 100 million years

ScienceNews - Thu 16 May 19

Research sheds light on the evolutionary history of the bloodsucking bedbugs. The first species evolved at least as early as the Cretaceous, scientists say.

Bedbugs survived the dinosaur extinction event

BBC News - Thu 16 May 19

The much-maligned bedbug has been around for 115 million years - since dinosaurs ruled the Earth.

Bedbugs evolved more than 100 million years ago—and walked the earth with T. rex - Thu 16 May 19

Bedbugs—some of the most unwanted human bed-mates—have been parasitic companions with other species aside from humans for more than 100 million years, walking the earth at the same time ...

Bedbugs roamed Earth alongside dinosaurs 100 million years ago

FOXNews - Thu 16 May 19

Bedbugs have been around since the time of the dinosaurs, according to new research, though the parasites didn’t likely pester the prehistoric reptiles.

Bedbugs lived TWICE as long ago as thought and may have sucked the blood of dinosaurs

Daily Mail - Thu 16 May 19

Scientists including those from Sheffield has compared the DNA of dozens of bedbug species and concluded that bedbugs evolved 100 million years ago when the dinosaurs roamed

Bedbugs roamed the land along with T-Rex

ZME Science - Thu 16 May 19

Bedbugs have been alive far longer than humans have.

New Study Finds Bedbugs Have Pestered the World for 115 Million Years

Livescience - Thu 16 May 19

Looks like bedbugs annoyed the dinosaurs, too.

Bed Bugs Have Been Creeping Around and Sucking Blood Since the Age of Dinosaurs

Gizmodo - Thu 16 May 19

While bed bugs have been tormenting humanity for millennia, it’s long been assumed their evolutionary journey as parasites first began tens of millions of years ago, when they fed on bats. ...

A sand-covered lump on a Norfolk beach was an an extinct mammoth's molar from 2.5 million years ago

Daily Mail - Tue 14 May 19

The tooth, identified as coming from a southern mammoth, was found Norfolk resident Brad Damms on the beach at Sidestrand, which is located east of Cromer.

Bedbugs Evolved More Than 100 Million Years Ago

Laboratory Equipment - Fri 17 May 19

NewsBedbugs have been parasitic companions with other species aside from humans, walking the earth at the same time as dinosaurs.Contributed Author: University of SheffieldTopics: Ethology

Bedbugs evolved more than 100 million years ago, ScienceDaily - Thu 16 May 19

Bedbugs survived the impact event that wiped out the dinosaurs

UPI - Thu 16 May 19

Bedbugs are notoriously difficult to eradicate. Not even the fiery asteroid impact that wiped out the dinosaurs could rid Earth of its bedbug infestation.

Bedbugs survived the impact event that wiped out the dinosaurs, SpaceDaily - Fri 17 May 19