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Here's What You Need to Do to Take an Uber or Lyft at PDX Now

Gizmodo - Tue 14 May 19

Figuring out the best mode of transportation for leaving an airport can be tricky, especially if your preferred method is using a rideshare app. Confusion starts when you try to pin yourself ...

Uber, Lyft Test PIN-Based Pickups at Portland Airport - Tue 14 May 19

Uber and Lyft have partnered with Portland International Airport to shorten rider wait times and help reduce traffic congestion in Oregon’s largest city. The ride hailing services this ...

Lyft also trying out PIN-based airport pickups in Portland

Engadget - Mon 13 May 19

Lyft wants to speed up airport pickups with some changes to how it matches drivers. The rideshare company is debuting a PIN-based pickup feature at Portland International Airport today, ...

Uber is testing PIN-based pickup at the Portland airport

Engadget - Mon 13 May 19

Finding your Uber at a crowded arrivals curb while several other passengers are doing the same can be daunting. To help alleviate that pain, Uber is piloting a PIN feature today at ...

Uber’s New PIN Feature Will Reduce Waiting Times At Airports

Ubergizmo - Mon 13 May 19

It can often be difficult to find an Uber when you’re looking to make a quick exit from the airport. That’s because you’re not the only one looking for an Uber. Airports, ...

Uber testing PIN feature to speed up airport rides - CNET

CNET Cutting Edge - Mon 13 May 19

It's like a virtual taxi line.

Uber launches PIN feature to cut wait times at U.S. airports, starting in Portland

TechCrunch - Mon 13 May 19

Uber is piloting a new PIN feature at the Portland International Airport that will give riders a one-time 6-digit numeric code in an effort to speed up pickup times and reduce traffic congestion. ...