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Perfectly preserved dinosaur skin found in Korea - Tue 9 Apr 19

Paleontologists are used to finding dinosaur bones and tracks. But remnants of soft tissue, like muscles or skin, are rare and often not well preserved. A very small percentage of tracks – ...

Intricate Skin Impressions Still Visible on ‘Exquisitely Preserved’ Dinosaur Footprints

Gizmodo - Tue 9 Apr 19

During the Early Cretaceous, a small two-legged dinosaur walked across a stretch of fine-grained mud following a rainstorm. The resulting footprints became locked in stone, but unlike other ...

'Exquisitely preserved' dinosaur SKIN found in South Korean prints made by raptor the size of a bird

Daily Mail - Tue 9 Apr 19

While less than 1 percent of tracks still contain skin traces, paleontologists say skin impressions were found all throughout the tiny footprints from the site near Jinju City.

Scientists Discover Perfectly Preserved Dinosaur Skin in Korea - Tue 9 Apr 19

In what is being called a rare find, paleontologists discovered small dinosaur tracks with “perfect” skin traces in South Korea. In a paper published in the journal Scientific Reports, ...

Paleontologists find perfectly preserved dinosaur skin in South Korea

UPI - Tue 9 Apr 19

Paleontologists have discovered a set of dinosaur footprints with preserved skin patterns inside each.