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Ethiopian airline defends its pilots' training standards - Thu 21 Mar 19

Ethiopian Airlines said Thursday that its pilots went through all the extra training required by Boeing and the U.S. aviation regulators to fly the 737 Max 8 jet that crashed this month, killing ...

European, Canadian regulators to do own review of Boeing jet - Thu 21 Mar 19

Boeing's grounded airliners are likely to be parked longer now that European and Canadian regulators plan to conduct their own reviews of changes the company is making after two of the jets ...

Boeing 737 MAX to face first congressional hearing - Thu 21 Mar 19

Boeing's ill-fated 737 MAX and federal regulators next week will face the first public grilling by Congress over the two fatal plane crashes in recent months.

Canada to assess Boeing 737 MAX airworthiness without US - Tue 19 Mar 19

Canada said Tuesday it will make its own assessment of Boeing's modifications to its 737 MAX airliners before allowing them to fly again in its airspace, after two crashes in less than five ...

Here's how airplane crash investigations work, according to an aviation safety expert - Tue 19 Mar 19

The fatal crash of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 has resulted in the worldwide grounding of Boeing 737 Max aircraft. Investigators are probing the crash and another like it that occurred less ...

A week after Ethiopia crash, questions swirl around Boeing - Tue 19 Mar 19

Boeing's 737 MAX aircraft are grounded across the world following the crash of Ethiopian Airlines Flight ET302, casting a harsh spotlight on the plane's safety certification and the close relationship ...

US probing certification of Boeing 737 MAX - Mon 18 Mar 19

Boeing and US aviation regulators are coming under intense scrutiny over the certification of the 737 MAX aircraft after news that two recent crashes of share similarities.

Boeing: 737 MAX certification followed US rules - Mon 18 Mar 19

Boeing said Monday that the flight stabilization system under scrutiny following two deadly 737 MAX plane crashes, met all US regulations.

Boeing crashes cast spotlight on US aviation regulator - Mon 18 Mar 19

Was the United States complacent in its certification of the Boeing 737 MAX?

Ethiopian Airlines crash: What is the MCAS system on the Boeing 737 Max 8? - Mon 18 Mar 19

Similarities between the Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines crashes, confirmed by black box data, have focused attention on an anti-stalling system used in the new Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft.

Ethiopian Airlines crash: What is the MCAS system on the Boeing 737 Max 8?, - Tue 12 Mar 19

Black boxes show 'clear similarities' with Indonesia crash, Ethiopia says - Mon 18 Mar 19

Black box data recovered from an Ethiopian Airlines plane that crashed last week show "clear similarities" with a recent crash in Indonesia of the same type of aircraft, Ethiopia's transport ...

Boeing 'finalizing' anti-stall update after Ethiopia crash - Mon 18 Mar 19

Boeing is finalizing a software update and pilot training linked to the MCAS anti-stalling feature, under scrutiny after two 737 Max 8 crashes, the company's CEO said on Sunday.

737 MAX disaster pushes Boeing into crisis mode - Sun 17 Mar 19

After a second air disaster involving the 737 MAX 8, aviation giant Boeing swung into crisis mode, losing $25 billion of market capitalization and suffering a severe hit to its reputation.

Ethiopia crash investigation needs 'considerable' time: minister - Sat 16 Mar 19

Identifying the cause of the deadly Ethiopian Airlines crash that killed 157 people and caused the worldwide grounding of a brand-new Boeing aircraft model will take "considerable time," an ...

Paris investigators start studying Ethiopian jet's recorder - Sat 16 Mar 19

Investigators have started studying the cockpit voice recorder of the crashed Ethiopian Airlines jet.

Boeing upgrades software on crisis-hit 737 MAX after deadly crash

TechXplore - Fri 15 Mar 19

Boeing is upgrading the stall prevention software on its 737 MAX, industry sources said Friday, as French investigators scoured black box data from the latest of two deadly crashes involving ...

Ethiopian Airlines says analysis of flight recorders begins - Fri 15 Mar 19

Analysis of the flight recorders of the crashed Ethiopian Airlines plane has begun, the airline said Friday, and The New York Times reported that the pilot requested permission "in a panicky ...

Boeing suspends 737 MAX deliveries as France probes black boxes - Fri 15 Mar 19

US aerospace giant Boeing said Thursday it was suspending deliveries of its top-selling 737 MAX as French investigators took delivery of the black boxes from the Ethiopian Airlines crash that ...

Black boxes: Crucial to air crash probes - Thu 14 Mar 19

A top priority for air crash investigators is to locate and analyse a plane's two black boxes which hold vital clues to what caused it to go down, including cockpit conversations.

US grounds Boeing 737 MAX as black boxes flown to France for analysis - Thu 14 Mar 19

The ban on the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft became worldwide after US President Donald Trump joined Canada and other countries in grounding the aircraft, and the black box flight recorders from the ...

Canada grounds Boeing 737 Max 8s after Ethiopia crash - Wed 13 Mar 19

Canada joined much of the world in barring the Boeing 737 Max 8 jet from its airspace on Wednesday, saying satellite tracking data shows possible but unproven similarities between the Ethiopian ...

Boeing 737 MAX 8: Two pilots reported planes spontaneously nosediving on autopilot last year, Nasa data reveals

The Independent - Wed 13 Mar 19

'Don't sink, don't sink!' pilots warned as planes lost altitude

Ethiopia to send black boxes to Europe as questions mount over crash - Wed 13 Mar 19

Ethiopia said Wednesday it would send the black boxes from last weekend's deadly Ethiopian Airlines crash to Europe for analysis as urgency mounted for answers amid safety concerns for the Boeing ...

Norwegian Air Shuttle demands Boeing pay for grounding of 737 MAX planes - Wed 13 Mar 19

Low-cost airline Norwegian Air Shuttle, which has grounded its 18 Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft pending an investigation into the cause of a crash in Ethiopia, said Wednesday it will demand financial ...

US says 'no basis' to ground Boeing 737 MAX jets after crash - Wed 13 Mar 19

The United States said there is "no basis" to ground Boeing 737 MAX airplanes, after a second deadly crash involving the model in less than five months prompted governments worldwide to ban ...

Pilots have reported issues in US with new Boeing jet - Wed 13 Mar 19

Airline pilots on at least two U.S. flights have reported that an automated system seemed to cause their Boeing 737 Max planes to tilt down suddenly.  

Safety fears about Boeing 737 MAX grip US passengers - Tue 12 Mar 19

US airlines are standing behind Boeing despite the wave of countries and carriers grounding the 737 MAX, but fear has gripped crews and passengers, and many are refusing to fly on the plane.

2nd crash renews safety concerns for Boeing's prized new jet

TechXplore - Tue 12 Mar 19

The second deadly crash of a prized new airplane in five months has renewed safety concerns about the 737 Max that could shape Boeing's fortunes for many years.

US to take 'immediate' action on Boeing jet if needed: official - Tue 12 Mar 19

US federal aviation authorities said Monday they will order Boeing to modify its 737 MAX 8 aircraft, including anti-stalling software and maneuvering system updates, after two of the planes ...

Another Boeing 737 has crashed killing all on board — what went wrong?

Newscientist - Mon 11 Mar 19

Over 150 people died after an Ethiopian Airlines flight crashed. Flying is overall still very safe, but questions remain about what went wrong

Boeing 737 MAX safety record questioned after two tragedies - Mon 11 Mar 19

For the second time in less than six months, a Boeing 737 MAX 8 has crashed minutes after takeoff and killed everyone on board, raising fresh questions about the safety of a model that is crucial ...

Boeing Charged Extra Money for 'Vital' Safety Features on 737 Max

Gizmodo - Thu 21 Mar 19

Boeing makes a lot of money selling planes around the world. But if you want all the bells and whistles that help ensure those planes don’t fall out of the sky, that sometimes costs extra.Read ...

Boeing 737 Max airplane crashes: all of the news, updates, and analyses

The Verge - Thu 21 Mar 19

Two deadly crashes, with investigators initially focusing on faulty anti-stall technology Continue reading…

Boeing downplayed 737 MAX software risks, self-certified much of plane’s safety

Arstechnica - Mon 18 Mar 19

Recovered "black box" data from Ethiopia crash shows similarities to Lion Air disaster.

Boeing’s 737 Max Safety Analysis Was Reportedly Flawed

Ubergizmo - Mon 18 Mar 19

Boeing’s latest 737 Max jets have been grounded in several countries including the United States following the recent crash of Ethiopian Airlines. It was the second hull loss of ...

Boeing under increased scrutiny as new details surface about approval of crashed jet

The Verge - Mon 18 Mar 19

The Department of Transportation’s inspector general is probing the Federal Aviation Administration’s approval of Boeing’s 737 Max 8 aircraft after new reports raised questions ...

Report: Boeing's crucial 737 Max safety analysis was flawed

Engadget - Mon 18 Mar 19

Boeing's original 737 Max safety analysis, used by the FAA to certify the aircraft, may have had several serious flaws, according to a report from the Seattle Times. The problems ...

Ethiopian Airlines Black Box Data Retrieved, Shows Similarities to Lion Air Crash

Extremetech - Mon 18 Mar 19

An analysis of the black box data from Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 shows similarities with Lion Air 610. Meanwhile, Boeing may have changed how the MCAS system works without informing the ...

Report: Ethiopian Transport Official Says 737 Max 8 Jet Crash Has 'Close Similarities' to 2018 Crash

Gizmodo - Sun 17 Mar 19

Ethiopian Transport Minister Dagmawit Moges said that black box data shows the crash of an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 Max 8 jet shortly after takeoff from Addis Ababa on March 10, 2019, killing ...

Deadly Boeing crashes raise questions about airplane automation

The Verge - Fri 15 Mar 19

‘Automation is a double-edged sword’ Continue reading…

Boeing 737 Max Planes Have Been Grounded In The U.S.

Ubergizmo - Thu 14 Mar 19

The pressure has been building on the Federal Aviation Administration to ground the Boeing 737 Max fleet in the United States following the tragic Ethiopian Airlines crash on Sunday. ...

737 MAX crashes “linked” by satellite track data, FAA says

Arstechnica - Thu 14 Mar 19

Similar ADS-B telemetry profiles between flights suggest, but don't confirm, same root cause.

Trump Grounds All 737 Max Flights After Ethiopian Airlines Disaster

Extremetech - Wed 13 Mar 19

President Trump has grounded all 737 Max 8s after the crash of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302. The post Trump Grounds All 737 Max Flights After Ethiopian Airlines Disaster appeared first on ...

Boeing's 737 Max 8: All about the aircraft, flight ban and investigations - CNET

CNET Cutting Edge - Wed 13 Mar 19

The 737 Max 8 has had two deadly crashes in five months. Now President Trump has weighed in, and the plane is grounded.

Trump: All Boeing 737 Max 8 planes are grounded 'immediately' - CNET

CNET Cutting Edge - Wed 13 Mar 19

The president said the FAA will make an announcement shortly.

Boeing requests FAA ground the 737 as the President pushes an emergency order

TechCrunch - Wed 13 Mar 19

After consulting with the Federal Aviation Administration, the National Transportation Safety Board, and airlines, Boeing is throwing its support behind a decision to ground its 737 Max planes. ...

US grounds all Boeing 737 Max planes

Engadget - Wed 13 Mar 19

Less than one day after expressing confidence in Boeing's 737 Max fleet, the US government has decided to ground the plane involved in two recent crashes. According to CNBC, President ...

U.S. Finally Grounds Boeing 737 Max Planes, Joining Every Major Country on Earth

Gizmodo - Wed 13 Mar 19

President Donald Trump announced this afternoon that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) would order all Boeing 737 Max-8 and Max-9 planes grounded in the U.S. following Sunday’s plane ...

The US grounds Boeing 737 Max 8 and 9 jets involved in two deadly crashes

The Verge - Wed 13 Mar 19

President Trump said Wednesday that the US would temporarily ban all Boeing 737 Max 8 and 9 jets from flying, following nearly every country in the world that has ordered the airplane ...

Boeing's 737 Max 8: All about the aircraft and the investigations - CNET

CNET Cutting Edge - Wed 13 Mar 19

The 737 Max 8 has had two deadly crashes in five months. Here's what we know about the causes and what's next for Boeing and its plane.

After FAA doubles down on 737 decision, Canada grounds the planes amid reports of complaints from U.S. pilots

TechCrunch - Wed 13 Mar 19

After the Federal Aviation Administration issued a statement late yesterday doubling down on its decision to keep the Boeing 737 Max planes at the heart of two accident investigations flying, ...

Pilots complained about autopilot issues with Boeing jets involved in two deadly crashes

The Verge - Wed 13 Mar 19

The airplane’s nose can tilt down suddenly during takeoff, pilots aren’t being adequately trained on the autopilot system, and the operations manual is “criminally insufficient.” ...

Boeing’s fixes to 737 MAX software delayed by government shutdown, report claims

Arstechnica - Wed 13 Mar 19

Change to software due "by April," says Boeing—but could it have come sooner?

Kayak will allow flyers to filter by plane model, including the 737 Max jet

CNN - Wed 13 Mar 19

Travel website Kayak will soon allow travelers to filter trips by aircraft model.

Boeing is moving to address potential issues in new 737s as Europe bans its plane

TechCrunch - Tue 12 Mar 19

In the wake of the second fatal crash in six months involving Boeing 737 Max 8 airplanes, the European Aviation and Safety Administration is grounding the planes as Boeing said it was taking ...

Boeing To Release Software Update For 737 Max Jets Next Month

Ubergizmo - Tue 12 Mar 19

Boeing’s latest 737 Max jets have come under the spotlight after the loss of two aircraft in fatal accidents merely six months apart. This is unheard of in this day and age. A ...

Senators want FAA to ground Boeing 737 Max after Ethiopia crash - CNET

CNET Cutting Edge - Tue 12 Mar 19

So far, the FAA has said the plane is still "airworthy."

Pressure mounts on US as more countries ground Boeing 737 jets involved in deadly crashes

The Verge - Tue 12 Mar 19

The fate of Boeing’s 737 Max 8 is uncertain after three more countries barred the aircraft from flying, even as US officials declined to act. The plane was already suspended in ...

Boeing will release software updates for 737 Max jets by April

Engadget - Tue 12 Mar 19

Following two air disasters months apart, Boeing has promised to release software updates for all of its Boeing 737 Max aircraft by next month at the latest. The updates were developed ...

Boeing’s Newest 737 Max Jets Are Being Grounded Following Crashes

Ubergizmo - Mon 11 Mar 19

The Boeing 737 family of jets is perhaps the most successful passenger airliner ever produced. Thousands of units have been sold over the past couple of decades and Boeing continues ...

Boeing’s newest jets are grounded in China, Indonesia, and Ethiopia after deadly crashes

The Verge - Mon 11 Mar 19

Boeing’s newest 737 airplane has been grounded in China, Indonesia, and Ethiopia after an Ethiopian Airlines crash killed 157 people on Sunday. It’s the second deadly crash ...

Another 737 MAX jet crash prompts groundings by China, Indonesia, Ethiopia

Arstechnica - Mon 11 Mar 19

Similar symptoms to Lion Air crash in November raise concerns over automated safety system.

US grounds 737 MAX aircraft pending accident investigations

The Engineer - Thu 14 Mar 19

US regulators have grounded Boeing 737 MAX aircraft whilst accident investigators ascertain the cause of two accidents that took the lives of passengers and crew on flights from Indonesia and ...

Trump orders FAA to ground all Boeing 737 Max planes in the United States

Fastcompany Tech - Wed 13 Mar 19

Boeing has a real problem on its hands. With countries around the world grounding Boeing 737 Max planes in the wake of a deadly Ethiopian Airlines crash, it was probably only a matter of time ...

Europe suspends flights of all Boeing 737-MAX aircraft

The Engineer - Wed 13 Mar 19

Europe has become the latest region to suspended flights of all Boeing 737-MAX aircraft following an accident involving Ethiopian Airlines’ flight ET302 on March 10, 2019. The airlines’ ...

All Boeing 737 MAX 8 planes have been grounded in these countries

Fastcompany Tech - Tue 12 Mar 19

Senator Dianne Feinstein is calling for the planes to be grounded in the United States. England took a break from Brexit negotiations to announce it will ban all Boeing 737 Max 8 flights from ...

Boeing’s market cap lost $21B after deadly Ethiopian Airlines crash

Fastcompany Tech - Mon 11 Mar 19

After 157 people died in an airplane crash, Boeing’s stock has been tanking. A plane departing from Ethiopia yesterday carrying 157 people crashed minutes after takeoff, killing every ...

Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 crash: 6 things to know

Fastcompany Tech - Sun 10 Mar 19

It’s the second air disaster involving a Boeing 737 Max in less than a year. An Ethiopian Airlines flight crashed soon after it took off from Addis Ababa on Sunday morning. According ...