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Human encroachment threatens chimpanzee culture

ScienceNews - Thu 7 Mar 19

Human activity is affecting chimps’ behavioral repertoire, a new study suggests. Creating chimp cultural heritage sites might save unique behaviors.

Unique chimpanzee cultures are disappearing thanks to humans

Newscientist - Thu 7 Mar 19

Chimpanzee groups have special behaviours like fishing for termites that are passed on by learning, but these are rarer in human-dominated areas

The fall of chimp civilisation

Cosmos Magazine - Thu 7 Mar 19

Human impact has reduced cultural behaviours in some great ape communities by more than 80%. Jeff Glorfeld reports.

Human impacts erode behavioral diversity in chimpanzees - Thu 7 Mar 19

Compared to other animals, chimpanzees show tremendous variation across groups in their behavior—from the types of tools they use in their feeding behavior to the specific gestures they use ...

Human interference is destroying chimpanzee culture, a new paper reports

ZME Science - Fri 8 Mar 19

Culture shock squared.

Humans are monkeying around with chimp culture, study says

USA today - Thu 7 Mar 19

Chimps' tool use, unique social groups are disappearing because of disturbances from humans.        

Human Activity Is Eroding Chimpanzee Behaviors and Cultures, New Study Finds

Science Blog - Thu 7 Mar 19

Human activity is not only causing chimpanzee populations and habitats to decline, it is also quickly killing what scientists call their “behavioral and cultural diversity” — such as their ...

Chimpanzees lose their behavioral and cultural diversity

ScienceDaily - Thu 7 Mar 19

Chimpanzees are well known for their extraordinary diversity of behaviors, with some behaviors also exhibiting cultural variation. An international research team has investigated whether chimpanzee ...