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London Zoo not to blame for death of Sumatran tiger: manager - Mon 11 Feb 19

London Zoo on Monday denied it was responsible for the death of an endangered Sumatran tiger mauled by a potential mate brought in as part of a breeding programme.

Tiger killed by new mate at London Zoo

BBC News - Fri 8 Feb 19

Ten-year-old female Sumatran tiger Melati had been one of London Zoo's long-term residents.

Rare Sumatran Tiger Killed by Potential Mate During First Meeting at Zoo - Sat 9 Feb 19

A rare Sumatran tigress kept at a London zoo was killed on Friday by its potential mate, moments after being introduced. Keepers at Zoological Society of London (ZSL) had hoped to find a […] The ...

Endangered tiger killed by potential mate in zoo tragedy - CNET

CNET Cutting Edge - Fri 8 Feb 19

The ZSL London Zoo is in mourning over the loss of a 10-year-old Sumatran tiger named Melati.

Rare tiger kills prospective mate in London at first meeting

L.A. Times - Fri 8 Feb 19

For 10 days, the London Zoo kept its newly arrived male Sumatran tiger Asim in a separate enclosure from Melati, the female tiger who was supposed to become his mate. Zoologists gave them time ...

Sumatran tiger killed at London Zoo by potential mate - Sun 10 Feb 19

A male Sumatran tiger named Asim attacked and killed Melati, a female of the same subspecies, shortly after he was allowed to enter her enclosure Feb. 8 at ZSL London Zoo. Zookeepers had kept ...