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Humans' meat consumption pushing Earth's biggest fauna toward extinction - Wed 6 Feb 19

At least 200 species of large animals are decreasing in number and more than 150 are under threat of extinction, according to new research that suggests humans' meat consumption habits are primarily ...

Humans' meat consumption pushing Earth's biggest fauna toward extinction, ScienceDaily - Wed 6 Feb 19

Humans Are Eating Earth’s Biggest Animals Into Extinction - Thu 7 Feb 19

Veganuary may be over, but it’s never too late to cut back on your meat consumption. New research suggests human meat-eaters are primarily to blame for pushing Earth’s largest animals ...

Earth’s largest animals could disappear – because humans are eating them all

FOXNews - Thu 7 Feb 19

Humanity's meat eating habits are killing off Earth's biggest animals at an alarming rate.

Humans Are Eating Most of Earth's Largest Animals to Extinction

Livescience - Wed 6 Feb 19

Humans are hunting and eating 60 percent of Earth's largest animals into an early grave.

Human cravings for meat is pushing hundreds of Earth's biggest animals toward extinction

Daily Mail - Wed 6 Feb 19

Scientists at Oregon State University College of Forestry found at least 200 of Earth's largest creatures are decreasing dramatically and more than 150 face being killed off completely.

Humanity’s lust for meat is killing off Earth’s large animals

ZME Science - Wed 6 Feb 19

Want to save endangered animals? Eat less meat, researchers say.

Meat consumption is pushing 150 large animal species toward extinction

UPI - Wed 6 Feb 19

According to a new study, meat-eating is to blame for the shrinking populations of at least 200 large animal species.