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GAC Motor unveils Entranze EV concept SUV in Detroit

Gizmag - Tue 15 Jan 19

If you like commercial airliners, you'll love the design for the new Entranze EV. Executive Design Director Pontus Fontaeus at GAC comes from an airline cabin design background and headed ...

Nissan brings premier seating to the IMs EV Sports Sedan concept launch

Gizmag - Mon 14 Jan 19

Making a world debut at the 2019 North American International Auto Show is the Nissan IMs EV concept, an electric sedan whose back seat has an uplifted "premier seat" in what Nissan calls ...

Oddball Cars and Car Tech of CES 2019: Some of Them Make Sense

Extremetech - Mon 14 Jan 19

Google everywhere, the separated-at-birth Mercedes, a Hyundai that climbs over urban rubble -- the cars and technologies at CES were a sight to behold. The post Oddball Cars and Car Tech of ...

Nissan’s IMs ‘elevated sports sedan’ concept shows what its electric future might look like

TechCrunch - Mon 14 Jan 19

Nissan unveiled Monday its latest vision for electric vehicles at the North American International Auto Show — the third consecutive year the automaker has teased what its EV future might ...

GAC's Entranze concept is a slick EV with room for seven - Roadshow

CNET Cutting Edge - Mon 14 Jan 19

When's the last time you saw a concept with a front row bench seat?

Nissan Debuts IMs Concept EV Sedan With 380-Mile Range To Ruffle Tesla's Feathers

HotHardware - Mon 14 Jan 19

When it comes to modern electric vehicles, Tesla has become synonymous with advancing the genre. The company really caught a lot of attention with its Model S and has lit up the sales charts ...

Nissan IMs Concept is a self-driven Detroit moonshot - Roadshow

CNET Cutting Edge - Mon 14 Jan 19

Traditional Japanese aesthetics and a James Bond vibe are folded into this futuristic electric EV codenamed "Moonraker."

Nissan IMs Concept is a self-driven Detroit moonshot - Roadshow, CNET - Mon 14 Jan 19

Nissan's IMs concept sedan EV includes a 'Premier' rear seat

Engadget - Mon 14 Jan 19

While Nissan already sells a relatively popular electric vehicle, the Leaf, it's still imagining concepts that wrap more appealing shells around a zero-emission drivetrain. Enter ...

Nissan’s new EV concept is a luxury sedan with 380 miles of range

The Verge - Mon 14 Jan 19

A leader in EV sales, Nissan is ready to take the fight directly to Tesla Continue reading…