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CES 2019: IBM's hourly weather reports will cover entire Earth

BBC Technology - Tue 8 Jan 19

Technology giant IBM's supercomputers power the new forecasting system that covers the entire planet.

CES 2019: IBM unveils system for more accurate weather forecasting - CNET

CNET - Tue 8 Jan 19

IBM says the system is poised to help airlines minimize disruption and assist farmers with better preparing for weather changes.

IBM unveils its first commercial quantum computer

TechCrunch - Tue 8 Jan 19

At CES, IBM today announced its first commercial quantum computer for use outside of the lab. The 20-qubit system combines the quantum and classical computing parts it takes to use a machine ...

IBM’s new quantum computer is a symbol, not a breakthrough

The Verge - Tue 8 Jan 19

In the grueling race to build a practical quantum computer, tech companies are keeping their spirits up by loudly cheering every milestone — no matter how small. One of the most ...

Global Weather Forecasts Could Soon Get Much Better, According to IBM

Livescience - Tue 8 Jan 19

Global weather forecasts are getting a big technology upgrade, thanks to a new project from IBM and The Weather Company.

CES 2019: IBM aims to boost weather forecasts and food safety, settle debates

USA today - Tue 8 Jan 19

IBM CEO Ginni Rometty says the its technology can help predict the weather, keep food safe and use artificial intelligence to take pro-con positions.        

IBM is taking quantum computing out of the lab

Techradar - Tue 8 Jan 19

Most advanced design yet sees IBM push into new horizons for quantum computing.