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BreadBot automated breadmaker bakes up a storm at CES

Gizmag - Mon 7 Jan 19

This year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada is enjoying the smell of freshly baked bread thanks to the Walla Walla, Washington-based Wilkinson Baking Company's BreadBot. ...

A new fleet of autonomous robots is now making one of the world’s oldest foods

The Washington Post - Mon 7 Jan 19

The Breadbot is an autonomous artisanal bread-making machine that mixes, kneads, bakes and cools bread without human assistance. The robot bread maker — which can produce 235 loaves a day ...

Breadmaking robot startup eyes fresh connections - Mon 7 Jan 19

The robot breadmaker came to Las Vegas this week, aiming to bring some freshness to a sector that may be ready for disruption.

‘Bread Bot’ That Makes 10 Loaves Per Hour Lets You Load Up on Carbs - Mon 7 Jan 19

It’s enough to make you forget your no-carbs, get-fit New Year’s resolution. Wilkinson Baking Company unveiled a fully automated bread-making machine at CES 2019, and it’s ...

Meet the BreadBot: Autonomous bread-making robot bakes 10 loaves every hour

Daily Mail - Mon 7 Jan 19

Up to 10 loaves are ready to pick up from BreadBot each year and its creators say it does as good of a job as a human baker - so good that the machines are expected to land in major grocery ...

BreadBot delivers freshly baked bread every six minutes

Engadget - Sun 6 Jan 19

There's nothing quite like the smell and taste of freshly baked bread. But unless you're willing to go through the tedious task of making one yourself, you generally have ...