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You're probably brushing your teeth wrong – here are four tips for better dental health

Medical Xpress - Wed 9 Jan 19

We all know the advice for healthy teeth – brush twice daily and don't eat too much sugar. So why do those of us following these instructions find we sometimes need a filling when we visit ...

Charcoal and white teeth

Medical Xpress - Tue 8 Jan 19

Charcoal seems to be the latest thing—for cleansing your face and purifying your insides—and even brushing your teeth. But before you start using a charcoal-based toothpaste, it's best to ...

This Electric Toothbrush Takes Just 10 Seconds to Clean Your Teeth - Sun 6 Jan 19

Products that want to revolutionize your bathroom routine seem to be taking CES 2019 by storm. First, there’s the Alexa-equipped Kohler smart toilet, and now there’s an electric ...

Y-Brush doesn't look like an ordinary toothbrush - CNET

CNET Cutting Edge - Sun 6 Jan 19

The new toothbrush can clean all your teeth in 10-seconds,

Y-Brush at CES is a toothbrush that cleans your teeth in 10 seconds - CNET

CNET Cutting Edge - Sun 6 Jan 19

A record skip can be heard at dentist offices around the world.