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Fossil Ichthyosaur Blubber Is Evidence They Were Warm-Blooded

Discover Magazine - Wed 5 Dec 18

For the first time, researchers have identified blubber, and other soft tissue, preserved in an Early Jurassic ichthyosaur. The new interpretation of the 180-million-year-old fossil suggests ...

Fossil blubber shows ichthyosaurs were warm blooded reptiles

Newscientist - Wed 5 Dec 18

A fossil so well preserved that its skin is still flexible is revealing much more about the marine reptiles called ichthyosaurs that swam in the sea during the age of dinosaurs

Fossil preserves 'sea monster' blubber and skin

BBC News - Wed 5 Dec 18

Scientists identify fossilised blubber from an ancient marine reptile that lived 180 million years ago.

Soft tissue shows Jurassic ichthyosaur was warm-blooded, had blubber and camouflage - Wed 5 Dec 18

An ancient, dolphin-like marine reptile resembles its distant relative in more than appearance, according to an international team of researchers that includes scientists from North Carolina ...

Soft tissue shows Jurassic ichthyosaur was warm-blooded, had blubber and camouflage, ScienceDaily - Wed 5 Dec 18

Ichthyosaur may have had blubber, which means the ‘sea monster’ may have been warm-blooded

ZME Science - Thu 6 Dec 18

Blubber is extremely rare among reptiles.

180-million-year-old 'sea monster' found with skin and blubber

FOXNews - Thu 6 Dec 18

The fossil of a 180-million-year-old ichthyosaur from the Jurassic era has been discovered and it contains evidence of blubber and skin, making the creature more similar to modern-day dolphins ...

Amazingly Well-Preserved Fossil Shines Light on Ancient Ichthyosaur - Thu 6 Dec 18

Dolphins and ichthyosaurs are a classic example of convergent evolution—the separate species independently evolving similarly streamlined shapes. A recent discovery, however, suggests the ...

Ichthyosaurus that lived 180 million years ago were like dolphins

Daily Mail - Wed 5 Dec 18

A remarkable analysis of its fossilised soft tissue - conducted by Lund University in Sweden - has shown for the first time that ichthyosaurs had blubber to insulate them against the cold water.

Jurassic Ichthyosaur Fossil So Well-preserved The Skin Is Still Soft

Science 2.0 - Mon 10 Dec 18

The ichthyosaur (literally ‘fish-lizard’) lived in what is today southern Germany during the Jurassic Period some 180 million years ago. The two-meter long reptile swam in the vast ocean ...

Jurassic Ichthyosaur Was Warm-blooded

Laboratory Equipment - Thu 6 Dec 18

NewsSoft tissue shows Jurassic ichthyosaur was warm-blooded, had blubber and camouflage.Contributed Author: North Carolina State UniversityTopics: Archaeology

Jurassic marine reptile was warm-blooded, had blubber, used camouflage

UPI - Wed 5 Dec 18

New research suggests Jurassic ichthyosaurs were more like modern marine mammals than previously realized.

Remarkably preserved fossil sea reptile reveals skin that is still soft

Eurekalert - Thu 6 Dec 18

The remains of an 180 million-year-old ichthyosaur (literally 'fish-lizard') have been analysed, and the fossil is so well-preserved that its soft-tissues retain some of their original pliability. ...