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Ancient DNA suggests people settled South America in at least 3 waves

ScienceNews - Fri 9 Nov 18

Genetic studies of ancient remains are filling in the picture of who the earliest Americans were and how they spread through the Americas long ago.

Ancient DNA Maps Early American Migrations in New Detail

The Scientist - Thu 8 Nov 18

Genetic information from dozens of individuals living 700 to 10,000 years reveals connections between Clovis and Native Americans and South Americans.

First Americans “Leap-Frogged” Continents to Settle the Americas

Discover Magazine - Thu 8 Nov 18

A new report finds people spread through the Americas in multiple independent, relatively quick migrations. The discovery contrasts the notion that the peopling of the continents took the form ...

South America Was Settled More Than Once, New Study Says

Discover Magazine - Thu 8 Nov 18

When the Americas were first settled, sometime in the past 25,000 years, it happened from the top down. Eurasians made their way across the Beringian land bridge (or followed the coastline, ...

Indigenous peoples in the Amazon and Australia share some ancestry

Newscientist - Thu 8 Nov 18

Fifteen ancient human genomes reveal how people first spread through the Americas – and strengthen a mysterious link between people in the Amazon and in Australasia

DNA of world's oldest natural mummy unlocks secrets of Ice Age tribes in the Americas - Thu 8 Nov 18

A legal battle over a 10,600 year old ancient skeleton—called the 'Spirit Cave Mummy' - has ended after advanced DNA sequencing found it was related to a Native American tribe.

Ancient DNA analysis yields unexpected insights about peoples of Central, South America - Thu 8 Nov 18

An international team of researchers has revealed unexpected details about the peopling of Central and South America by studying the first high-quality ancient DNA data from those regions.

Ancient DNA from Central, South America reveal genetic exchanges, population turnover, Science Blog - Mon 12 Nov 18

History of early settlement and survival in Andean highlands revealed by ancient genomes - Thu 8 Nov 18

A multi-center study of the genetic remains of people who settled thousands of years ago in the Andes Mountains of South America reveals a complex picture of human adaptation from early settlement, ...

Ancient DNA reveals two previously unknown migrations into South America

ZME Science - Fri 9 Nov 18

We're beginning to understand who were the first Americans in greater detail.

Who Were the 1st Americans? 11,000-Year-Old DNA Reveals Clues

Livescience - Thu 8 Nov 18

People genetically linked to the Clovis culture, one of the earliest continentwide cultures in North America, made it down to South America as far back as 11,000 years ago. Then they mysteriously ...

History of human migration throughout the Americas is MAPPED

Daily Mail - Thu 8 Nov 18

Research involving scientists from all over the world has redefined our understanding of how humans conquered the Americas.

Ancient DNA reveals two new migrations from North to South America

UPI - Thu 15 Nov 18

New genomic research has revealed two previously unknown human migrations from North to South America.

Ancient DNA, Older Than Ever, Shows Lost Populations of Americas

Laboratory Equipment - Fri 9 Nov 18

NewsThe first high-quality samples stretching back as much as 11,000 years have opened a whole new vista on mass population turnover in the prehistory of the Western Hemisphere.Staff Author: Seth ...

The new face of South American people

Eurekalert - Fri 9 Nov 18

Study by 72 researchers from eight countries concludes that the Lagoa Santa people are descendants of Clovis culture migrants from North America. Distinctly African features attributed to Luzia ...

Ancient human population histories revealed in Central and South America

Eurekalert - Fri 9 Nov 18

The first high quality ancient DNA data from Central and South America -- 49 individuals some as old as 11,000 years -- has revealed a major and previously unknown exchanges between populations. ...

Ancient DNA evidence reveals two unknown migrations from North to South America

ScienceDaily - Thu 8 Nov 18

A team has used genome-wide ancient DNA data to revise Central and South American history. Their analysis of DNA from 49 individuals spanning about 10,000 years in Belize, Brazil, the Central ...