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Instagram may offer School Stories to create safe space for kids - CNET

CNET - Tue 6 Nov 18

The code suggests they'll be moderated to stop bullying.

Instagram Reportedly Testing Collaborative School Stories

Ubergizmo - Mon 5 Nov 18

It seems that Instagram might be trying to help schools foster community spirit because according to a discovery by Jane Manchun Wong (via TechCrunch), it seems that Instagram is looking to ...

Instagram to develop 'School stories' that only pupils can see

Daily Mail - Mon 5 Nov 18

Code hidden in the app shows that Instagram appears to be testing a feature called 'School Stories.' Instagram would manually review posts so they don't become a target for bullies.

Instagram might be exploring collaborative School Stories

Engadget - Mon 5 Nov 18

When Facebook launched, the social network was limited to students, and now the company appears to be testing a new Instagram feature that brings to mind those early days. TechCrunch ...

Instagram might be working on school Stories

The Verge - Mon 5 Nov 18

Instagram appears to be working on a school-based version of Stories that would only contain content from a particular school’s student body, as reported by TechCrunch. The code ...

Instagram prototypes bully-proof moderated School Stories

TechCrunch - Mon 5 Nov 18

Instagram is considering offering collaborative School Stories that only a certain school’s students can see or contribute to. And to make sure these Stories wouldn’t become bullying ...