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How Brian Kemp hacked Georgia’s election

Engadget - Fri 9 Nov 18

"[Brian] Kemp on Thursday said he had resigned as Georgia's secretary of state," reported Reuters yesterday. No one watching Kemp's malfeasant, multi-year election ...

Don’t let Election Day rumors of hacked voting machines keep you from the polls - CNET

CNET - Tue 6 Nov 18

You’re going to hear a lot of noise about voter hacks. Be skeptical.

With no evidence, Georgia’s top voting official accuses Dems of “cyberattack”

Arstechnica - Mon 5 Nov 18

Vulnerability would have reportedly allowed someone to grab all Georgia voters' PII.

Real security flaws became a sketchy hacking investigation in Georgia

The Verge - Mon 5 Nov 18

Just a few days before the midterm elections, Georgia’s Republican gubernatorial candidate and secretary of state, Brian Kemp, accused Georgia’s Democratic Party of hacking ...

Georgia gubernatorial candidate accuses rivals of hack attempt - CNET

CNET Cutting Edge - Sun 4 Nov 18

Brian Kemp, who is the state's secretary of state, probes "failed attempt" to hack voter registration system.

15 midterm election races that are still too close to call

Fastcompany Tech - Fri 9 Nov 18

From Florida to California, these races are TBD. While the news cycle makes it feel like it was 12 lifetimes ago, the polls closed on the midterm elections just three days ago. The elections ...

Expect more long lines to vote until aging machines are replaced, say experts

Fastcompany Tech - Fri 9 Nov 18

Traditionally, election systems were a local responsibility, but high price tags and growing cyber threats have made it hard for authorities to keep up. While the midterm elections appear to ...

Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp Accuses Georgia Democrats of Hacking

Wired Security - Sun 4 Nov 18

Georgia's secretary of state is also its GOP gubernatorial candidate. And he just claimed that Democrats committed "cyber crimes."

Drugmakers Switch Gears This Year With Big Bankroll For Democrats

Kaiser Health News - Tue 6 Nov 18

Pharmaceutical company have contributed heavily to candidates, with 63 percent of their donations going to Democrats, Stat reports. And in other election-related news, KHN explains the "Medicare-for-all" ...