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Elon Musk says his futuristic transportation tunnel in L.A. is ‘disturbingly long’

The Washington Post - Mon 5 Nov 18

Elon Musk offered a peek on Twitter of a new tunnel being built beneath Hawthorne, Calif.

Musk tweets new video of LA-area transportation test tunnel

TechXplore - Mon 5 Nov 18

Elon Musk has tweeted a new video of a tunnel constructed under a Los Angeles suburb to test a new type of transportation system.

Musk Tweets New Video of LA-area Transportation Test Tunnel, Voice of America - Mon 5 Nov 18

Musk’s Boring Company Also Wants To Dig Sewers

Ubergizmo - Sun 11 Nov 18

Elon Musk’s The Boring Company might have come into existence with the idea of revolutionizing public transport in congested cities but the company is interested in digging far more ...

Elon Musk wants to dig sewers in your city - CNET

CNET - Fri 9 Nov 18

The Boring Company CEO says transit tunnels aren't the only thing he's going to dig.

Musk says 'We can do it' in response to Benioff query on SF transit tunnels - Roadshow

CNET - Tue 6 Nov 18

Boring Company CEO says "sure," but that don't mean it's going to happen.

Musk Releases Video Of Boring Company’s First LA Tunnel

Ubergizmo - Tue 6 Nov 18

Elon Musk has a company that digs tunnels and it’s aptly called The Boring Company. It has been building a tunnel in Los Angeles which is 2 miles long and is located under the streets ...

Elon Musk posts video of Boring Company's 'disturbingly long' tunnel in LA

Daily Mail - Mon 5 Nov 18

A 30-second timelapse video shot by the billionaire tech mogul shows his point of view from a walk down the entire length of the rapid-transit tunnel underneath LA.

The Boring Company will open its first tunnel next month, here's what it looks like

Techspot - Mon 5 Nov 18

Elon Musk last month said his tunnel construction company was nearly finished with its proof-of-concept, a two-mile-long tunnel that stretches from SpaceX’s headquarters in Hawthorne, California, ...

Elon Musk walks length of Boring's 'disturbingly long' LA tunnel - CNET

CNET Cutting Edge - Mon 5 Nov 18

He says it's "on track" for the Dec. 10 opening.

Elon Musk displays Boring Company's 'disturbingly long' LA tunnel in video on Twitter

USA today - Mon 5 Nov 18

Can't wait until next month to see the Boring Company's rapid-transit tunnel under Los Angeles? Elon Musk has you covered.        

Boring Tunnel is on track for an “opening party” next month

TechCrunch - Sun 4 Nov 18

Last night, super entrepreneur and Twitter addict Elon Musk posted some mesmerizing footage of the tunnel that his nearly two-year-old infrastructure company, Boring Company, is creating in ...

Elon Musk shows off the Boring Company ‘disturbingly long’ LA tunnel in a short video

The Verge - Sun 4 Nov 18

In October, Elon Musk said that the Boring Company’s proof-of-concept tunnel in LA will open to the public on December 10th. Last night, he said on Twitter that the opening is ...

The Boring Company's LA tunnel is poised for December opening

Engadget - Sat 3 Nov 18

The Boring Company's traffic-dodging LA test tunnel might truly be able to give people free rides this December. Company chief Elon Musk has revealed on Twitter that he's ...