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Slipshod Cybersecurity for U.S. Defense Dept. Weapons Systems

IEEE Spectrum - Mon 15 Oct 18

After decades of DoD recalcitrance, the Government Accountability Office has given up making recommendations in favor of public shaming

New Pentagon weapons systems easily hacked: report - Tue 9 Oct 18

New US weapons systems being developed by the US Department of Defense can be easily be hacked by adversaries, a new government report said on Tuesday.

Defense Department Password Is Cracked in 9 Seconds. So How Safe Are US Weapons?

Livescience - Tue 16 Oct 18

An evildoer with hacking skills could potentially take control of U.S. weapons systems, according to report that finds critical cybersecurity threats at the Department of Defense.

US weapons systems can be 'easily hacked'

BBC Technology - Thu 11 Oct 18

A government report has found mission critical cyber-flaws in the US's cutting-edge weapon systems.

New Report Finds Pentagon Weapon Systems Riddled With Vulnerabilities

Extremetech - Wed 10 Oct 18

The report starts by noting that for decades, the DoD "did not prioritize" matters of weapon security and is still figuring out how to better address these threats. Then the report gets worse. The ...

Report: US weapons systems are highly vulnerable to cyber attacks

Engadget - Wed 10 Oct 18

The Department of Defense will have to ramp up its cybersecurity efforts now that it's planning to spend $1.66 trillion to develop major weapons systems. According to a new report ...

Pentagon slow to protect weapon systems from cyber threats: U.S. agency

Reuters Technology - Tue 9 Oct 18

The Pentagon has been slow to protect major weapon systems from cyber attacks and routinely found critical vulnerabilities that hackers could potentially exploit in those systems, a federal ...

New Pentagon weapons systems easily hacked: report

Daily Mail - Tue 9 Oct 18

The Government Accountability Office found many systems are still using default passwords, while testers using easily available tools were able to gain full access to others within seconds. ...

Government watchdog says US weapons systems are vulnerable to hacks, but the Pentagon is slow to act

TechCrunch - Tue 9 Oct 18

A government watchdog has said the Department of Defense has not done enough to protect critical weapons systems from cyberattacks. The new report out of the Government Accountability Office ...

Pentagon Weapons Systems Are Easy Cyberattack Targets, New Report Finds

Wired Security - Wed 10 Oct 18

A new report says the Department of Defense "likely has an entire generation of systems that were designed and built without adequately considering cybersecurity."