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Study shows people died from body fluid vaporization due to pyroclastic flows from Vesuvius - Wed 10 Oct 18

A team of researchers at the Federico II University Hospital in Italy has found evidence that suggests many people living in Herculaneum during the 79 AD eruption of Mt. Vesuvius were killed ...

Perfectly preserved ancient shrine hidden under ash for 2,000 years is uncovered in Pompeii

Daily Mail - Fri 12 Oct 18

The alter space has remained perfectly preserved in volcanic ash since the devastating 79 AD eruption of Mount Vesuvius, which laid waste to the city and killed 16,000 people.

Did Vesuvius Victims' Brains Really Boil and Their Skulls Explode?

Livescience - Fri 12 Oct 18

A new paper challenges the idea that many victims of Vesuvius were asphyxiated.

Photos: The Bones of Mount Vesuvius

Livescience - Fri 12 Oct 18

New research suggests that some victims of the Mount Vesuvius eruption in Herculaneum died almost instantly from heat shock.

Mount Vesuvius caused victims' heads to explode, blood to boil: study

FOXNews - Wed 10 Oct 18

When Mount Vesuvius erupted, the explosion caused such extreme heat that victims' skulls exploded, their blood boiled and their muscles, flesh and brains were replaced with ash.

Ancient Vesuvius’ eruption was so intense it cracked Roman skulls and boiled Roman brains

ZME Science - Wed 10 Oct 18

Almost 2,000 years later, scientists are still piecing together the horrific jigsaw puzzle of the Vesuvius eruption.

Mt. Vesuvius Eruption Probably Exploded Skulls, Vaporized Bodies - Wed 10 Oct 18

In 79 AD, Mount Vesuvius erupted in one of the most catastrophic outbursts of all time, burying the Roman cities of Pompeii, Herculaneum, Oplontis, and Stabiae. It’s easy to assume that ...

Scientists say Mount Vesuvius made people's heads explode - CNET

CNET - Wed 10 Oct 18

New research shows the people of Herculaneum near Mount Vesuvius died when their blood boiled and their heads exploded.

Mount Vesuvius murdered its victims in more brutal ways than we thought

Popular Science - Tue 9 Oct 18

Science Boiling blood and exploding skulls. For nearly two millennia, the eruption of Mount Vesuvius has served as a stark reminder that nature is capable of some serious ...

Eruption of Mount Vesuvius may have killed people by EXPLODING their heads, ancient skulls reveal

Daily Mail - Tue 9 Oct 18

The blast near Naples, which is thought to have killed 16,000 people, buried the cities of Herculaneum and Pompeii in rock and deadly hot ash.

Extreme heat of Vesuvius eruption vaporized body fluids, exploded skulls

Arstechnica - Tue 9 Oct 18

New analysis of human remains shows many victims didn't suffocate from gas or ash

Vaporized Blood, Exploded Skulls: Vesuvius Eruption Killed in an Instant

Laboratory Equipment - Wed 10 Oct 18

NewsA new theory about the fate of people sitting in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius finds victims were killed instantly by the heat blast.Staff Author: Seth AugensteinTopics: Archaeology