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'Oldest known drawing' found on tiny rock in South Africa

BBC News - Wed 12 Sep 18

Etched with an "ochre crayon", the 73,000 year old drawing looks a little like a modern-day hashtag.

Ancient Hashtag Is Oldest Drawing Yet Discovered

Discover Magazine - Wed 12 Sep 18

The hashtag is far more ancient than we think. In a South African cave, inscribed on a flake of rock, nine lines of red ochre inscribe a familiar crosshatched pattern. The find, dated to 73,000 ...

Oldest-known drawing found in South African cave

Gizmag - Wed 12 Sep 18

Archaeologists have uncovered what may be the oldest human-made drawings ever found. Discovered in a cave in South Africa, the cross-hatch pattern was drawn in red ochre and found to ...

Is this the world’s oldest drawing?

Cosmos Magazine - Wed 12 Sep 18

South African discovery pushes the emergence of visual art back 30,000 years. Andrew Masterson reports.

This South African cave stone may bear the world’s oldest drawing

ScienceNews - Wed 12 Sep 18

The Stone Age line design could have held special meaning for its makers, a new study finds.

Drawing on a piece of silcrete found in Blombos Cave predates previous human-made drawings by at least 30,000 years - Wed 12 Sep 18

The earliest evidence of a drawing made by humans has been found in Blombos Cave in the southern Cape in South Africa.

Painted rock points to higher cognitive function in humans 73,000 years ago

ZME Science - Thu 13 Sep 18

Artwork from waaaay before Photoshop.

Earliest human drawing discovered in South African cave

FOXNews - Thu 13 Sep 18

The earliest known drawing made by a human has been found in a South African cave and it looks very similar to a hashtag, the grouping and search feature made popular by Twitter.

Photos: Oldest Known Drawing Was Made with a Red Crayon

Livescience - Thu 13 Sep 18

This is what the world's oldest drawing — dated to 73,000 years ago — looks like.

The World's Oldest Known Drawing Is a 73,000-Year-Old Hashtag

Livescience - Thu 13 Sep 18

A small rock flake no larger than a house key is covered with a colossal surprise: the first known drawing ever made by a human.

Oldest known drawing, from 73,000 years ago, looks like a hashtag - CNET

CNET - Wed 12 Sep 18

Our ancient ancestors were an artsy bunch.

Red crosshatched pattern scored into stone is the earliest evidence of a drawing made by humans

Daily Mail - Wed 12 Sep 18

The discovery was made by archaeologist Dr Luca Pollarolo, of the University of the Witwatersrand, at the Blombos Cave in the Southern Cape area of South Africa.

Earliest drawing in human history looks like a #hashtag

USA today - Wed 12 Sep 18

The earliest known drawing in human history – a red, cross-hatched pattern that looks somewhat like a hashtag – has been unearthed on a rock in South Africa.        

Stone in South African cave boasts oldest-known human drawing

Reuters Science - Wed 12 Sep 18

A small stone flake marked with intersecting lines of red ochre pigment some 73,000 years ago that was found in a cave on South Africa's southern coast represents what archaeologists on Wednesday ...

The oldest drawing in the world was done with an ocher crayon

Ars Technica - Wed 12 Sep 18

73,000 years ago, someone drew a cross-hatch pattern in ocher on a stone flake.

Discovery of the earliest drawing

ScienceDaily - Wed 12 Sep 18

The oldest known abstract drawing has been found in South Africa's Blombos Cave -- on the face of a flake of siliceous rock retrieved from archaeological strata dated to 73,000 years before ...