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How a hidden magnetic field might be shutting down Jupiter's atmospheric jet streams

Gizmag - Fri 10 Aug 18

The famous multicolored bands that run across the face of Jupiter have raised many questions for astronomers since the first observations of the gas giant, and when NASA's Juno orbiter ...

Study helps solve mystery under Jupiter's coloured bands - Thu 9 Aug 18

Scientists from Australia and the United States have helped to solve the mystery underlying Jupiter's coloured bands in a new study on the interaction between atmospheres and magnetic fields.

Study helps solve mystery under Jupiter’s coloured bands, Astrobiology Magazine - Sun 12 Aug 18
Study helps solve mystery under Jupiter's coloured bands, SpaceDaily - Fri 10 Aug 18

Billowy Bands Wrap Around Jupiter As Its Magnetic Field and Jet Streams Play - Mon 13 Aug 18

Jupiter's clouds are fascinating for so many reasons: Their patterns resemble the mesmerizing lines of abstract art, they form storms that last over a century, and they may help us understand ...

The mystery of Jupiter's coloured bands is finally solved!

Daily Mail - Fri 10 Aug 18

Experts from the Australian National University studied recent evidence from Nasa's Juno spacecraft which examined Jupiter's these layers of gases (pictured)

Jupiter's storms: Scientists now think they know what's causing these powerful storms

FOXNews - Fri 10 Aug 18

How Jupiter gets its stripes has been one of astronomy’s most enticing mysteries.

Magnetic fields impact atmospheric circulation of gas giant planets

Astrobiology Magazine - Sat 11 Aug 18

Magnetic fields around a planet or a star can overpower the zonal jets that affect atmospheric circulation.

Magnetic Fields Can Quash Zonal Jets Deep in Gas Giants, Newswise - Thu 9 Aug 18