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Evolution is getting a rethink after scientists take a closer look at Earth's first animals - Fri 10 Aug 18

When did animals originate? In research published in the journal Palaeontology, we show that this question is answered by Cambrian period fossils of a frond-like sea creature called Stromatoveris ...

Enigmatic creatures that lived 630 million years ago were animals — but not like anything we’ve seen before

ZME Science - Thu 9 Aug 18

To the untrained eye, they look just like plants, static and seemingly inactive. But things are not always as they seem.

Paleontologists ID Ancient Animal Masquerading as a Plant - Thu 9 Aug 18

Ediacaran organisms have long puzzled scientists: Are they a form of algae, fungi, or some other plant? The ancient life forms—common in the Earth’s oceans half a billion years ago—may ...

Animal kingdom much OLDER than previously thought, scientists reveal

Daily Mail - Thu 9 Aug 18

Dr Jennifer Hoyal Cuthill, a visiting researcher in palaeobiology at the University of Cambridge explains why the Earth's first animals are being re-examined.

Weird, 570-Million-Year-Old 'Leaf' Fossil Is Actually from an Animal

Livescience - Thu 9 Aug 18

No it's not a leaf or a long-lost kingdom of life. It's a funny, leaf-like animal.