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Rare teeth from ancient mega-shark found on Australia beach - Thu 9 Aug 18

A rare set of teeth from a giant prehistoric mega-shark twice the size of the great white have been found on an Australian beach by a keen-eyed amateur enthusiast, scientists said Thursday.

My, what big teeth you have

Cosmos Magazine - Wed 8 Aug 18

The dental remains of an extinct giant shark go on display at an Australian museum.

Mega-shark teeth dating back 25 million years discovered at Australian beach

FOXNews - Thu 9 Aug 18

An Australian teacher and fossil enthusiast stumbled upon the finding of a lifetime, when he uncovered a set of fossilized 3-inch teeth from an extinct shark, known as the great jagged narrow-toothed ...

25-million-year-old shark fossils discovered , FOXNews - Thu 9 Aug 18

Teeth from a Mega-shark twice the size of a Great White found in Australia - CNET

CNET Cutting Edge - Wed 8 Aug 18

The Great Jagged Narrow-Toothed Shark was twice the size of a Great White and ate whales.

Teeth of ancient mega-shark recovered from Australian beach

UPI - Thu 9 Aug 18

Paleontologists have recovered dozens of teeth belonging to an extinct mega-shark species from a beach in Australia.