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1970s ski cabin gets extra padding to withstand winter chill

Gizmag - Fri 10 Aug 18

Architect Stefan Hitthaler recently completed an energy-efficient renovation of a mountain chalet in South Tyrol, Italy. Originally constructed in 1973, it was uninhabitable in winter ...

Where do crows go in winter? - Wed 8 Aug 18

"Partial migration"—where some individuals within a population migrate and some don't—is common among birds and is speculated to be a step on the evolutionary path to complete, long-distance ...

Where do crows go in winter?, ScienceDaily - Wed 8 Aug 18

In the realm of fantasy - Tue 7 Aug 18

In 2017, the most viewed architectural project in the world was the Tianjin Binhai Library. The building is part of an urban project designed to revitalise the port district of an environmentally ...

Designed features can make cities safer, but getting it wrong can be plain frightening - Mon 6 Aug 18

City planners and designers can help make spaces safer in many ways. One strategy is known as Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED, pronounced "sep-ted"). This approach is based ...

Takenaka Realizes 'Nearly Zero Energy Building' With General-use Technologies

Tech-On - Fri 3 Aug 18

Takenaka Corp announced July 23, 2018, that it has built the "Popular ZEB Office," which combines high-cost-performance power-saving technologies and solar panels, and acquired the certification ...

Where crows go in the winter — and other stories about migration

ZME Science - Wed 8 Aug 18

We see them ever so often, but there's so much still shrouded in mystery.

Abandoned house gets a gorgeous, energy-efficient refresh

Inhabitat - Thu 9 Aug 18

Few homes undergo the trials and tribulations of Boston Villa - and fewer still receive a gorgeous renovation that also wins an architectural prize. But in the Fitzroy neighborhood of Melbourne, ...

Solar-powered home takes advantage of Silicon Valleys mild climate

Inhabitat - Thu 9 Aug 18

San Francisco-based architecture firm Bohlin Cywinski Jackson recently completed the Los Altos Residence, a modernist family home for a couple who strives to be environmentally conscious. Located ...

Inspired renovation

Laboratory Equipment - Wed 8 Aug 18

ArticleInstalling 21st century systems in an historic building.Contributed Author: Brett Dunlap, JE Dunn ConstructionTopics: Design

A minimalist home in Portugal emphasizes stunning valley views

Inhabitat - Wed 8 Aug 18

Architects and their clients are often surprised when their visions don't quite align after the initial ideas are transformed into renderings, specs and floor plans. But when MJARC Arquitectos ...

This wild new skyscraper is topped with a functioning waterfall

Fastcompany Tech - Wed 8 Aug 18

Forget elaborate spires and soaring atriums. Waterfalls are the hot new tall building design trend. Last month, the city of Guiyang–the capital of Guizhou, 1,335 miles south of ...

Crows have consistent habits of partial migration, study shows

UPI - Wed 8 Aug 18

New research has offered fresh insight into the phenomenon of "partial migration" among crows.

Escape the stresses of city life with the off-grid Into the Wild cabin

Inhabitat - Wed 8 Aug 18

Slovakian architecture studio Ark Shelter has recently unveiled the latest iteration of its beautiful Ark Shelter—a tiny, self-sufficient unit that can be placed almost anywhere you please. ...

Visit Europe's Space Coast

ESA - Wed 8 Aug 18

Technology image of the week: a rare dune-side aerial view of ESA’s ESTEC technical centre on the Dutch coast, the location of ESA’s annual Open Day on Sunday 7 October.

Enel Green Power Signs Financing For 5 South African Wind Farms Worth 700 Megawatts

CleanTechnica - Tue 7 Aug 18

Enel Green Power's South African subsidiary has recently signed project financing worth €950 million ($1,099 million) for five new wind farms which would total approximately 700 megawatts ...

Embrace sustainable travel in this solar-powered A-frame cabin

Inhabitat - Mon 6 Aug 18

A beautiful A-frame cabin has popped up on the remote Finnish island of Vallisaari to serve as an "ecological alternative to cabin life." Imagined by Finland-based designer Robin Falck, Nolla ...

Mountain Heroes cyclist aims for world record to fight climate change

Inhabitat - Mon 6 Aug 18

Michael Strasser, famous cyclist and the first cyclist to join the UN Environment's Mountain Heroes campaign, has now been cycling for nearly two weeks. His goal? Establishing a new world ...

Handsome timber-clad extension embraces Australias great outdoors

Inhabitat - Fri 3 Aug 18

When the residents of a home in Eganstown, Australia, decided to add a modest extension to their house, they were looking for more than just extra breathing room. Enlisting the help of Melbourne-based ...