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Live salmon released for ailing orca but she doesn't eat - Mon 13 Aug 18

Whale researchers working to save an ailing killer whale have released live salmon into waters in front of the free-swimming orca.

Killer Whale Finally Lets Go of Her Dead Calf After Carrying it For 17 Days

TIME - Sun 12 Aug 18

The orca drew international attention for carrying her dead calf for 17 days

Killer whale mother finally lets dead newborn calf go, after 17 days

BBC News - Sun 12 Aug 18

After 17 days, the orca at last stops carrying her newborn and begins chasing salmon off Canada.

Teams pack boats with fish to prepare to feed ailing orca - Fri 10 Aug 18

Teams taking drastic measures to save a young, ailing killer whale loaded up two boats with live fish and rushed to waters near an island off Washington state Friday, preparing if needed to ...

‘She’s Clearly Reacting to a Loss’: Experts Say Killer Whale Carrying Her Dead Calf for 17 Days May Actually Be Grieving

TIME - Fri 10 Aug 18

"This is unusual behavior. It's not normal. We haven't seen it before"

Researchers won't take dead orca calf away from mother as she carries it into a 17th day - Fri 10 Aug 18

As Tahlequah carries her deceased calf for a 17th straight day, and concerns mount about her health, taking the calf away is not an option because of the tight bond between Tahlequah and the ...

Killer whale still carrying dead baby after 16 days

BBC News - Thu 9 Aug 18

A mother whale is still carrying her baby's body more than two weeks after it died.

Vets ready for rare efforts to save ailing endangered orca - Tue 7 Aug 18

Veterinarians are preparing rare emergency efforts to administer antibiotics to a young emaciated orca that's part of an endangered pod and whose survival is uncertain.

Ailing 3-year-old orca from critically endangered pod refuses to eat live salmon

Daily Mail - Tue 14 Aug 18

Scientists working to save an ailing killer whale have released salmon into waters in front of the orca. But they did not see the orca, called J50, take any of the eight salmon dropped into ...

Orca Mother, Who Pushed Her Dead Calf for 1,000 Miles and 17 Days, Moves On

Livescience - Mon 13 Aug 18

Seventeen days have passed since the grieving orca mother known as Tahlequah began pushing her dead calf around the waters in Puget Sound. And now, after doing so for 1,000 miles (1,600 kilometers), ...

Orca that carried dead, decomposing calf for weeks now returns to fun with friends

FOXNews - Sun 12 Aug 18

An endangered orca who captivated the world with her “tour of grief” has returned to her pod after spending more than two weeks clinging to her dead and decomposing calf, researchers said ...

The heartbreaking plight of the critically endangered orcas in the Pacific Northwest

Daily Mail - Fri 10 Aug 18

Southern Resident killer whales, as the species is known, are considered by the NOAA to be among the ‘most at risk of extinction in the near future.’ The population is now at just 75. ...

Officials Race to Help Sick Orca Calf Whose Mom Hasn’t Stopped Grieving for Her Dead Sister

KQED Science - Thu 9 Aug 18

The calf died on July 24 and the image of the mother whale clinging to the dead calf has struck an emotional chord worldwide.

Mourning orca mother still carrying dead calf more than two weeks later on 'tour of grief'

FOXNews - Thu 9 Aug 18

An endangered orca was spotted Wednesday still clinging to her dead and decomposing calf, more than two weeks after her newborn died in what scientists have said is an "unprecedented" showing ...

Grieving mother orca is STILL holding her calf's body above the water

Daily Mail - Thu 9 Aug 18

The 20-year-old whale has been carrying her dead calf for two weeks, after it died shortly after birth last Tuesday. The dead calf was spotted in the water just off British Columbia. ...

3-Year-Old Killer Whale Is Starving, and Biologists Don't Know Why

Livescience - Wed 8 Aug 18

Can an unconventional solution help save this orca's life?