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Colorful celestial landscape - Wed 11 Jul 18

New observations with ESO's Very Large Telescope show the star cluster RCW 38 in all its glory. This image was taken during testing of the HAWK-I camera with the GRAAL adaptive optics system. ...

Colorful celestial landscape, SpaceDaily - Thu 12 Jul 18
Colorful celestial landscape, ScienceDaily - Wed 11 Jul 18
Colorful celestial landscape, Eurekalert - Wed 11 Jul 18

Stunning image of stars forming in space released by astronomers

The Independent - Wed 11 Jul 18

The photo was taken as a demonstration of new technology

Capturing this incredible star cluster required lasers and a bendable mirror

Popular Science - Thu 12 Jul 18

Space The Very Large Telescope got new adaptive optics technology. Even for a powerful camera like HAWK-I, there are limitations to being a ground-based telescope. Namely, ...

Space looks better than ever, thanks to the ESO’s HAWK-I imager - CNET

CNET Cutting Edge - Wed 11 Jul 18

Star cluster RCW 38 is full of “young, hot, massive stars” and they’re ready for their close up.

Incredible new image gives a glimpse into a tumultuous stellar cluster 5,500 light-years away 

Daily Mail - Wed 11 Jul 18

The incredible image was captured by the HAWK-I infrared imager mounted on ESO's Very Large Telescope (VLT) in Chile.

The constellation Vela explodes with color (and new suns) in ESO-captured snaps

ZME Science - Wed 11 Jul 18

Space -- the prettiest frontier.

Laser-Aided 'Hawk' Camera Snaps Spectacular New View of Star Cluster - Wed 11 Jul 18

You know an instrument is promising when even its test images are stunning.

RCW 38 Captured By The Very Large Telescope

Science 2.0 - Thu 12 Jul 18

By using infrared wavelengths, the HAWK-I infrared imager mounted on ESO's Very Large Telescope (VLT) in Chile was able to capture this image of the star cluster RCW 38.RCW 38 is over 5,00 light ...