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200-million year old monster pushes back the clock on giant dinosaurs

Gizmag - Wed 11 Jul 18

Most of the classic creatures that come to mind when you think of dinosaurs are from the Cretaceous period, when evolution seems to have hit its stride and splashed out with things like ...

Long-necked dinosaurs grew to be giants in more ways than one

ScienceNews - Tue 10 Jul 18

Some early relatives of giant, long-necked sauropods may have used a different strategy to grow to colossal sizes than previously thought.

Giant dinosaur bones get archeologists rethinking Triassic period - Tue 10 Jul 18

Giant dinosaurs lived on Earth much earlier than previously thought, according to a team of excavators in Argentina who discovered the remains of a 200-million-year old species.

Fossil of 'first giant' dinosaur discovered in Argentina

BBC News - Mon 9 Jul 18

Discovery of "first giant" shows how and when dinosaurs grew to such massive proportions.

Ingentia Prima: A Dinosaur Making It Big On Its Own Terms

Discover Magazine - Mon 9 Jul 18

Before their lineage reached its pinnacle, pun intended, with enormous, aptly named titanosaurs, the sauropodomorph dinosaurs — best known as those long-necked, whip-tailed, four-legged herbivores ...

New dinosaur fossil explains how Diplodocus evolved to be so massive

Newscientist - Mon 9 Jul 18

A new fossil uncovered in Argentina shows a dinosaur adapting to life as a giant, rewriting our understanding of how giant sauropods like Diplodocus evolved

More than one way to make a giant dino

Cosmos Magazine - Mon 9 Jul 18

Argentinian fossils reveal an alternative evolutionary route to large body size. Andrew Masterson reports.

Discovery of 'First Giant' Dinosaur Is a Huge Evolutionary Finding

Livescience - Tue 10 Jul 18

The discovery of the "first giant" dinosaur has provided a gigantic clue on how these paleo-beasts got to be the largest animals to walk on Earth.

33-foot-long dinosaur, bigger than King Kong, unearthed in Argentina

FOXNews - Tue 10 Jul 18

In the original "Jurassic Park" movie, Jeff Goldblum's character, Dr. Ian Malcolm says: "What do they have in there, King Kong?", making reference to the size of the dinosaurs in the park.

Fossils of early giant dinosaur discovered in Argentina

Reuters - Tue 10 Jul 18

Scientists have unearthed in northwestern Argentina fossils of the earliest-known giant dinosaur, a four-legged plant-eater with a medium-length neck and long tail that was a forerunner of the ...

The largest dinosaurs got huge way earlier than we thought

Popular Science - Mon 9 Jul 18

Science They lived on Pangea more than 200 million years ago. While the Blue Whale remains the heavyweight champ, those sauropod giants were the largest creatures to ever ...

A dinosaur as big as a double decker bus that roamed the Earth 200 million years ago is unearthed

Daily Mail - Mon 9 Jul 18

The discovery in San Juan province in Argentina winds back the clock on the emergence of giant dinosaurs by 30 million years, according to research by the National University of San Juan. ...

Fossil of first ‘giant dinosaur’ species found in Argentina

The Hindu - Tue 10 Jul 18

It was about three times the size of the largest Triassic dinosaurs from its era