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Scientists discover 'ghost dunes' on Mars - Wed 11 Jul 18

Scientists have discovered hundreds of crescent-shaped pits on Mars where sand dunes the size of the U.S. Capitol stood billions of years ago. The curves of these ancient dune impressions record ...

Scientists Discover "Ghost Dunes" On Mars, SpaceDaily - Thu 12 Jul 18

Original North American Dogs Descended From Siberian Populations

The Scientist - Thu 5 Jul 18

European settlers likely wiped out these ancient dogs, but the animals seem to have left a lasting legacy in a transmissible canine cancer.

America's lost dogs

Science Now - Thu 5 Jul 18

First dogs in the Americas arrived from Siberia, disappeared after European contact - Thu 5 Jul 18

A study reported in the journal Science offers an enhanced view of the origins and ultimate fate of the first dogs in the Americas. The dogs were not domesticated North American wolves, as some ...

First dogs in the Americas arrived from Siberia, disappeared after European contact, ScienceDaily - Thu 5 Jul 18

Mars 'ghost' dunes may have evidence of alien life

FOXNews - Fri 13 Jul 18

Newly published research shows that hundreds of depressions on Mars' surface, aptly named "ghost dunes," could hold evidence of ancient life.

Martian 'Ghost Dunes' Could Preserve Signs of Ancient Life - Thu 12 Jul 18

Could pits hold evidence of ancient Mars life?

Evidence of Martian life could be hiding in 'ghost dunes,' scientists say

Daily Mail - Wed 11 Jul 18

Hundreds of crescent-shaped ‘ghost dunes’ dotting the Martian surface could reveal new clues on the possibility of ancient microbial life, according to a new study led by the University ...

Is California’s Legacy Environmental Law Protecting the State’s Beauty or Blocking Affordable Housing?

KQED Science - Tue 10 Jul 18

Habitat for Humanity wants to build affordable housing in Redwood City, but a nearby resident is using the California Environmental Quality Act to stop the apartments.

On the Yuba River, Climate Change Means It’s Time for a Dam Makeover

KQED Science - Tue 10 Jul 18

Climate change brings new flood risks and new challenges for water storage managers. In California, one local water agency is taking on the big task of modifying its primary storage reservoir ...

NASA’s Kepler Telescope Almost Out of Fuel, Forced to Nap

KQED Science - Tue 10 Jul 18

Kepler has been searching for planets outside our solar system for nearly a decade. Considered the pioneer of planet hunting, it’s discovered nearly 3,000 confirmed worlds.

To Fight Climate Change, Grasslands May Be Safer Bet Than Forests

KQED Science - Tue 10 Jul 18

New research suggests that policymakers have been missing a major opportunity to soak up carbon and slow down climate change.

Oklahoma Sees More Severe Earthquakes, Fewer Overall

KQED Science - Mon 9 Jul 18

Scientists are largely seeing earthquakes on unmapped faults that were activated in 2014 by wastewater injection.

Tiny Alameda Beach to Get Funds to Restore Rare Bay Area Sand Dunes

KQED Science - Sat 7 Jul 18

In one of the smaller projects funded by Measure AA tax money, Alameda’s tiny Encinal Beach will get a sand dune restoration and a face-lift.

Study Provides Clues to Fate of Early North American Dogs

KQED Science - Fri 6 Jul 18

The indigenous dogs did appear to leave a genetic legacy: a rare dog cancer that affected a single dog several thousand years ago.

Health Advisory Lifted for Martinez, Pacheco after Shell Refinery ‘Shutdown’

KQED Science - Fri 6 Jul 18

An unspecified incident at the Shell refinery caused officials to issue a health advisory for residents of Martinez and Pacheco.

Native dogs of the Americas were wiped out by European colonization

FOXNews - Fri 6 Jul 18

Ancient dogs arrived in the Americas alongside humans more than 10,000 years ago but were later wiped out by European colonization, a new study suggests.

Like Most Things In America, Dogs Migrated From Overseas - Fri 6 Jul 18

A new study suggests dogs were domesticated before migrating to the Americas. By analyzing DNA of ancient North American and Siberian pups, researchers were able to better understand the history ...

Native Dogs of the Americas Were Wiped Out by European Colonization

Livescience - Thu 5 Jul 18

The only trace remaining of dogs that lived in the Americas before Europeans arrived: A common canine tumor.

Native American dog breeds were almost completely wiped out by the arrival of Europeans

Daily Mail - Thu 5 Jul 18

Dogs that we think of as American - such as the Labrador and Chihuahuas - are in fact descended from dogs from the Old World, research led by four British universities revealed.

America's first dogs came from Siberia, disappeared after Europeans arrived

UPI - Thu 5 Jul 18

The first dogs in North America came from Siberia, new research proves. They disappeared shortly after the arrival of Europeans.

Ancient dog cancer still around today after 10,000 years

Eurekalert - Thu 5 Jul 18

Dogs have been man's best friend for more than 10,000 years, but a new study shows it has been a doggone tough road to get here: their ancestors in the Americas likely came from Siberia, and ...