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As Elon Musk promises “full self-driving," experts worry Tesla is "using consumers as guinea pigs”

The Washington Post - Mon 11 Jun 18

Safety experts worried the grand promises of full self-driving capabilities could lull drivers into a false sense of security for technologies that are still largely unproven on the road.

New Tesla software to offer 'full' autonomy, Musk says - Mon 11 Jun 18

An update to Tesla's Autopilot software coming in August will enable "full self-driving features" for the automaker's electric cars, chief executive Elon Musk says.

Elon Musk says Tesla cars will be fully self-driving in August

The Independent - Mon 11 Jun 18

Billionaire hopes new software will also help Roadster 'beat gas sports cars on every performance metric'

Musk tells fans 'full self driving' Teslas are near, as investigators dig into Autopilot accidents

USA today - Mon 11 Jun 18

Musk also tweeted over the weekend that his new roadster sports car would one day be rocket-powered        

Musk's promise of Tesla's 'full self-driving' features leaves plenty of questions - Roadshow

CNET - Mon 11 Jun 18

The automaker refused to elaborate for now on exactly what this promise entails.

Elon Musk Says ‘Full Self-Driving’ Will Come to Teslas This Summer

Extremetech - Mon 11 Jun 18

Tesla Autopilot is already one of the most capable self-driving systems available to consumers, but it's still very limited in the grand scheme of what's possible in vehicle automation. The ...

Tesla will start rolling out its ‘full self-driving’ package in August, Elon Musk says

The Verge - Mon 11 Jun 18

Over the weekend, avid Twitter user Elon Musk said that Tesla’s “long awaited” Version 9 of Autopilot would begin rolling out this August. “To date, Autopilot resources ...

Tesla's August Autopilot update will begin to enable "full self-driving features"

Techspot - Mon 11 Jun 18

In a tweet posted Sunday, the CEO confirmed version 9 and said that previous versions of Autopilot have “rightly focused entirely on safety," but now it appears that the emphasis will be on ...

Upcoming Tesla Update Will Enable ‘Full Self-Driving Features’

Ubergizmo - Sun 10 Jun 18

Image credit – ElectrekTesla has long warned its drivers and has insisted that its Autopilot feature is not a self-driving feature, and government officials have in the past warned Tesla ...

Tesla will start enabling full self-driving features in August

Engadget - Sun 10 Jun 18

Tesla has been promising true self-driving features in its cars for the better part of two years, but there has been precious little to show for it. Now, though, you might get what ...

Tesla To Bring Back Free Autopilot Trials

Ubergizmo - Thu 7 Jun 18

Tesla has been delivering cars with Autopilot hardware installed regardless of whether the customer has bought the convenience feature package which enables its semi-autonomous driving feature. ...

Tesla’s ‘Autopilot’ is getting an upgrade

Techradar - Mon 11 Jun 18

Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted about an upcoming software update this August