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Amazon supplier investigated over working conditions in Chinese factory

The Independent - Mon 11 Jun 18

'They were underpaid... That's illegal,' says China Labour Watch

Amazon supplier under fire for poor China working conditions - Mon 11 Jun 18

Electronics giant Foxconn announced Monday it had started an investigation after a labour group alleged illegal working conditions at one of its Chinese factories producing Kindles, tablets ...

Amazon supplier in China ‘will tackle illegal work practices’ - Sun 17 Jun 18

Foxconn commits to provide workers with basic rights after report by the ObserverAmazon and its Chinese supplier Foxconn have moved swiftly to tackle illegal working conditions exposed in an ...

Amazon's Echo Dot, Kindles made in Foxconn factory rife with labor abuses, rights group says

USA today - Mon 11 Jun 18

A report by a watchdog group found workers at the Foxconn plant in China that makes Amazon Echo Dots and Kindles subjected workers to harsh conditions. Some worked as many as 14 consecutive ...

Amazon and Foxconn reportedly strip workers of benefits and pay low wages in Chinese factory

The Verge - Mon 11 Jun 18

Foxconn said yesterday that it’s investigating its factory in southern China that makes Amazon Echo Dot and Kindle devices after a US labor watchdog reported finding poor working ...

Foxconn broke Chinese labour laws-rights group

BBC Technology - Mon 11 Jun 18

A Foxconn plant making products for Amazon underpaid staff according to a report from China Labor Watch.

Amazon accused of poor working conditions at supplier factory - CNET

CNET - Mon 11 Jun 18

The factory is owned by Foxconn, which also makes Apple’s iPhones.

Amazon is slammed for major 'labour violations' at Echo and Kindle factory in China

Daily Mail - Mon 11 Jun 18

An investigation by New York-based watchdog group China Labor Watch found some employees at the Foxconn factory in China's Hunan province were forced to work for 14 days straight.

After report on “appalling” conditions, Foxconn will investigate plant that makes Amazon devices

TechCrunch - Mon 11 Jun 18

Foxconn Technology Group says it is investigating a factory it operates that makes Amazon devices, including Kindles, after an in-depth report by advocacy group China Labor Watch criticized ...

Amazon Admits To Labor Violations At China Factory

Ubergizmo - Sun 10 Jun 18

Due to the fact that a lot of tech companies outsource the production and manufacturing of their products to countries such as China, sometimes it would be difficult to keep on top of things, ...

Foxconn says investigating labor conditions at China factory used for Amazon

Reuters Technology - Sun 10 Jun 18

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Contract manufacturer Foxconn said on Sunday it is investigating a plant in China that makes devices for Inc , after a U.S. watchdog group criticized what it ...

Rights group hits Amazon, Foxconn over China labor conditions

Reuters Technology - Sun 10 Jun 18

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A U.S. watchdog group criticized Inc and contract manufacturer Foxconn over what it described as harsh working conditions at a plant in China that makes the ...

Amazon admits to labor violations at Echo speaker factory in China

Engadget - Sun 10 Jun 18

Labor violations are an all too common reality in technology manufacturing, and Amazon just made that patently clear. In the wake of a joint exposé between China Labor Watch ...

Amazon criticized over conditions at supplier's factory

Techspot - Sun 10 Jun 18

The investigation discovered that 40 percent of the factory’s workers were agency staff, who receive no sick pay and can be instantly let go when demand falls. China introduced a law four ...