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Clean water could be zapped out of power plant steam

Gizmag - Fri 8 Jun 18

Approximately 39 percent of all water drawn from US rivers, lakes and reservoirs is used to cool electric power plants. Much of that water, in turn, ends up going out those plants' cooling ...

New system recovers fresh water from power plants

TechXplore - Fri 8 Jun 18

A new system devised by MIT engineers could provide a low-cost source of drinking water for parched cities around the world while also cutting power plant operating costs.

New system recovers fresh water from power plants, Science Blog - Mon 11 Jun 18
New system recovers fresh water from power plants, ScienceDaily - Fri 8 Jun 18

This Innovative Technology Harvests Water from Cooling Towers

IEEE Spectrum - Fri 8 Jun 18

Water-scarce cities could get a new source of the precious resource through a simple and cost-effective technology.

In desert trials, next-generation water harvester delivers fresh water from air - Fri 8 Jun 18

Last October, a University of California, Berkeley, team headed down to the Arizona desert, plopped their newest prototype water harvester into the backyard of a tract home and started sucking ...

Two new methods for harvesting water offer potential solutions for addressing the commodity’s scarcity — even in a desert.

Discovery News - Mon 11 Jun 18

Credit: Tao Zhang/Getty ImagesAs the planet warms and global populations boom, water is becoming a scarce commodity. Now, two separate projects demonstrate new technology to ...

MIT experts pioneer a way to recover drinking water from power plants

Engadget - Mon 11 Jun 18

Water accounts for around 70 percent of the Earth's surface, but it's still not reaching those who need it most: three billion people live in water-stressed areas or lack ...

Scientists are harvesting water by building fog harps and zapping the air

The Verge - Fri 8 Jun 18

The Earth is 70 percent water, but almost all of that liquid is seawater us humans can’t drink. Already, California is besieged by drought, while citizens in South Africa’s ...

MIT Discovery Recaptures Fresh Water From Cooling Towers

CleanTechnica - Mon 11 Jun 18

Researchers at MIT have come up with a new way to capture the moisture in cooling towers and turn it into fresh water. The process is said to cost far less than conventional desalinization.

MIT team devises method for recovering drinking water from power station cooling plants

The Engineer - Mon 11 Jun 18

Aerodynamic improvement to fog catchers transforms power stations into desalination plants All around the world, the cooling needs of power stations – whether they are fossil fuelled or ...

MIT’s new tech turns power plants and data centers into water sources

Fastcompany Tech - Fri 8 Jun 18

To keep from overheating, cooling towers vent huge amounts of steam into the atmosphere. A new innovation could efficiently harvest that water for us to drink. In the future, the rooftop of ...

Wanna Pull Water Out of Air? Grab Some Ions or a Weird Sponge

Wired Science - Fri 8 Jun 18

These techniques won’t quench humanity's thirst, but they’ve got serious potential to help augment water supplies in particularly dry places.