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How does a one-tonne dino hatch its eggs? Carefully - Wed 16 May 18

Most dinosaurs buried their eggs and hoped for the best, but some species—including a few hefty ones—built nests and pampered unhatched offspring much as birds do today, researchers reported ...

Dinosaur parenting: How the 'chickens from hell' nested

BBC News - Tue 15 May 18

Dinosaurs may have used a unique nesting strategy to prevent their eggs from being crushed.

How Giant Dinosaurs Sat on Their Eggs Without Crushing Them

National Geographic - Wed 16 May 18

Fossil nests from oviraptorosaurs show the special strategy these birdlike dinosaurs used to keep their young safe.

How 3,000-pound dinosaurs sat on eggs but didn't crush them

FOXNews - Wed 16 May 18

Imagine a giant, bird-like dinosaur that was so heavy, it weighed as much as a modern-day rhinoceros. Given its heft, how did this bulky, feathered beast sit on its eggs without crushing them ...

How 3,000-Pound Dinosaurs Sat on Eggs, But Didn't Crush Them, Livescience - Tue 15 May 18

How giant 3,000lb dinosaurs sat on their eggs without crushing them

Daily Mail - Wed 16 May 18

The finding was made after clutches of fossilised potato-shaped eggs, up to 20 inches (0.5 metres) long and weighing up to 15 pounds (seven kilos) each, were found in China.