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Some tropical frogs may be developing resistance to a deadly fungal disease – but now salamanders are at risk - Wed 16 May 18

My office is filled with colorful images of frogs, toads and salamanders from around the world, some of which I have collected over 40 years as an immunologist and microbiologist, studying amphibian ...

A plague from South Korea is killing frogs and toads worldwide

Newscientist - Thu 10 May 18

The world’s amphibians are dying in swathes because of the lethal chytrid fungus, and it seems the epidemic had its origins on the Korean peninsula

A deadly frog-killing fungus probably originated in East Asia

ScienceNews - Thu 10 May 18

The disastrous form of Bd chytrid fungus could have popped up just 50 to 120 years ago.

Origins of amphibian-killing fungus uncovered

BBC News - Thu 10 May 18

A deadly fungus that has devastated amphibian populations worldwide probably originated in East Asia, new research suggests.

Lethal frog fungus may have originated in Korea

Cosmos Magazine - Thu 10 May 18

Genetic analysis supports evidence that global trade spread the fungus that threatens amphibians worldwide. Andrew Masterson reports.

Genetic clues reveal origins of killer fungus behind the 'amphibian plague' - Thu 10 May 18

A deadly fungus responsible for the devastation of amphibian populations around the world may have originated in East Asia, new research has found.

The infectious disease, called chytrid fungus, passes from animals in the wild to pets.

Discovery News - Fri 11 May 18

Credit: Kike Calvo/UIG via Getty ImagesScientists have traced a deadly fungus responsible for killing frogs, toads, and newts worldwide to the Korean peninsula, sparking new ...

Ground Zero of Amphibian 'Apocalypse' Finally Found

National Geographic - Thu 10 May 18

An ancient skin-eating fungus is killing off hundreds of species—and the Korean War may have helped spread it.

Deadly fungus threatening to wipe out amphibians around the world traced to Korea

ZME Science - Thu 10 May 18

The East Asian pet trade of amphibians needs to be halted at once, according to the researchers.

Scientists find ‘ground zero’ of deadly frog pandemic - Fri 11 May 18

Scientists started to get worried in the 1970s when frogs in Australia and Central and South America began to disappear. The culprit seemed to be a chytrid fungus that colonized frogs’ skin ...

Fungus that attacks frogs originated in East Asia: study

The Hindu - Fri 11 May 18

Organism has been reported in India’s Western Ghats too

Global trade spreads deadly frog disease from Asia

ScienceDaily - Thu 10 May 18

New research has revealed a deadly disease that threatens the survival of the world's frogs originated from East Asia, and global trade was almost certainly responsible for the disease's spread. ...

Killer frog fungus probably originated in East Asia

The Hindu - Thu 10 May 18

The chytrid fungus has been reported in India’s Western Ghats too