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The new Star Wars novel goes deep into the past and future of Han Solo

The Verge - Sat 21 Apr 18

Solo: A Star Wars Story hits theaters in just over a month. The standalone Star Wars film follows in the footsteps of Rogue One: a story that stands apart from the “saga” backbone ...

Latest Solo: A Star Wars Story Teaser Highlights Han And Chewie’s Friendship

Ubergizmo - Mon 16 Apr 18

Few buddy duos in cinema are as popular as Han Solo and Chewbacca. While this seemingly unlikely friendship has been chronicled in many Star Wars flicks, fans of the franchise will be well ...

Han & Chewie Banter Highlight New 1 Min Solo 'New Look' - Mon 16 Apr 18

See Han Solo ask Chewbacca his name in this new footage from May's SOLO.

A new teaser for Solo: A Star Wars Story explores the early days of Han’s friendship with Chewie

The Verge - Sun 15 Apr 18

Lucasfilm has released a new teaser for its upcoming film Solo: A Star Wars Story, showing off a bit more of Han Solo’s early days and his friendship with Chewbacca. We’ve ...

The Pope blessed an electric racecar

The Verge - Sun 15 Apr 18

Fully electric motorsport series Formula E raced in the streets of Rome this weekend. But that’s now the second most unbelievable thing about the event: earlier this week, the ...

Lego Just Launched New Sets for 'Solo: A Star Wars Story' (and Yes, They're Awesome) - Sat 14 Apr 18

Lego released several new "Star Wars" building sets today (April 13) ahead of the upcoming release of the next film in the saga, "Solo: A Star Wars Story."